REmind Yourself help

December 17, 2008

pop up reminder

An Honest Review of My PopupReminder
I know you like to keep up with what’s hot on the internet.
I’ve talked about this before when I first got it
and I’m finally getting some real time to come back
and talk about MY PopupReminder these last weeks.

No matter what other opinions they claim on their site
I find that writing my own personal letters work best for me.
It’s what I want to see instead of the same old tag letter they
give you when you sign up as an affiliate to send out.

They were saying "this is the final solution to ending
procrastination, and the best way to be productive over a long
period of time.: So because of the enormous buzz, I tried it.
I was impressed. It took a bit more then they said to see my results &
I did have one complaint, one major annoying problem.

I’m going to personally say that this is the most, annoying product you will ever get.
That said, it was the annoying part of it that kept me going. I even shut it off a few times
because I thought I wasn’t getting my "OTHER" stuff done because it kept telling me to
stop what I was doing to do what I had it scheduled to have me do. Low and behold I did
begin to realize that when I shut the POP UP REMINDER off I wasn’t getting any more
work done plus I was not getting up from the computer every two hours to move around.
Now having a back in the shape mine is I realize that I was stiffening up again from not
taking breaks and I wasn’t getting "ONLY" the stuff I planned for each day done because
we all know that one email can lead to another site, and another thread and next thing I know
I’m off doing something else other then what I had planned on doing that morning.

When you are disabled and are building these online business stuff up and there is no real
deadline for you, that isn’t a big problem, until you are about four or five months into the
project and you still have not got that system down you started out to create. Much closer
then I was five months ago, yet it finally dawned on me that in order to make this work I had
to now organize everything into their spots. Here’s where this has been the life saver it was
meant to be.

Each day I can not only be reminded on the basic goal to move around and take care of my
back and life I can now put into the POP UP REMINDER the task that needs to be completed
that day. Instead of putting that whole list up and checking them off as I get to them I can now
spread the whole task out into five day groups and only have to deal with each days folder as I
build that products page, links, list, codes and put them up.

Now each week the work is done and I only have to open one folder each day for the business,
go down the links and click them in the BLIST (another great free program I use) log in, put my
add out, check my stats, then go on to the next opps I have in that days folder. So if you are
looking for a great program and reseller that helps your own life as well as that of others please
think about this one. Read about it and save our link in that special folder marked LadyJz Opps


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