The Greatest Decisions in Life can truly be the easiest

December 31, 2008

December 30, 2008

As the new year approaches there are many things I can look back on and smile as I made some of the most important decisions in my life time.  Though at one time they seemed like the hardest and I’d not be able to do it safely, once done, I realized that they were the easiest times of my life.  It was living in the danger and hell day to day that was the hard part.

We love our mates still in many ways for the things that attracted us to them, Many parts of MySelves could not live and love our mates for the things that they did that were hurtful.  At 56 years old now I know that it is easier to live Single then to feel that I have to have a man in my life to feel safe. 

It is safe for me to say that We all inside would take a very grownup person to understand the many parts of a multiples life.  I do not hide that part of myself from anyone.  I feel sorry and can joke now about how my past husbands and mates had to deal with the complex person I seemed to have been.  Though some did not ever get to know all the different me’s I can be, they would express their confusion to the many changes that they witnessed.  For many years I didn’t even understand what they were even talking about with my attitude changes.  That was part of the journey into my own discovery of who I was. 

I have spent single time discovering who I am/was/can be and time with mates who though didn’t fully understand it, could tell and understand what was happening when it would present it ’Self to the world.  Being co-conscious of them has helped to use their own strength for a challenge when I needed to call upon a certain task that needs to be done.  Just setting myself into the mode long enough to accomplish what I need to that day. 

In many ways I have not so much as chose to stay single these last three years in New York as I have just not presented myself into the real world into places where I would meet perhaps a mate.  I did have one brief friendship that I thought could have become something more, yet the Universal Wisdom did provide me with the wisdom to know the difference.  And never more was that wonderful saying more important when the time came.

GOD, (good orderly direction)

Grant me the serenity….
….to accept the things I can not change
….to change the things I can
….& the wisdom to know the difference

Finding another multiple in a man and being able to show him that was good and promising in the fact that so much of your behavior can be easily understood and I could understand his.  Yet a reminder that we all find our way at different times was the lesson of that year.  With that I buried myself into my work and focused on what I could do in life again instead of investing any time into a story that could never have a happy ever after ending.  If there is such a thing in life.  Most days I believe only in my stories and the wonderful stories of the writers I know.  

Just remember that either chose we make is the correct one if you do it with an easy heart.  Happiness comes easy.  If you have to struggle or give up yourself in any way, then you can not find happiness.  Be yourself, and most importantly, allow the others in your life to be themselves.  Never ask someone to change who they are for you because surely down the road the real them will come out.  If only for their own survival. 

Share your thoughts with us here or you can come to Lady Jz Talk Zone and share in the Echoes of Courage and help others find their way.  Lady J


ps:  remember that because of the Universal time and Global natural rotation of the earth does not match up that at Midnight on the 31st as You count down to the new year there will be one second added to the clock.  So as you count down 5…4…3…2..1…pause one more second then begin your new year.  Every four years we get one more day of life added to ours and this year you are granted one more second.  I plan to take one more deep breath of life!  lj


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