Here’s a simple task that is said to increase your IQ…..I’m enjoying these and want to share them with you in between real work!

January 20, 2009

My link to sign up with their newsletter is  pretty interesting stuff for me.  Scary how simple these are to do.  Yet I guess there is the key.  Doing them on a consistent basis


Hi there!
And welcome back to your Genius Intelligence!
To begin, i want to say that i am extremely glad to see that you are naturally open-minded and keen to increase your intelligence. However, i have to inform you that THE SECRET to achieving a genius level of IQ will not be found in this e-mail. The secret will only be discovered by PRACTISING and USING the real intelligence increasing methods that we teach.
So, as promised yesterday, I want to teach you a quick method to increase your IQ. This method is great because it works!
I want to start explaining this technique by asking you a question that in turn reveals a great SECRET about increasing
your intelligence.

The question is:
What do you think is the typical human concentration span?
10 minutes?
20 minutes?
40 minutes?
2 hours?
The answer will literally gob smack you. The answer is actually
7 seconds!!!
7 seconds??!?!? i hear you say! Yep, you read that right!
Our average CONCENTRATION span is actually only about 7 seconds! (range is between 4-11 secs since it depends on your intelligence level)
Prove this to yourself right now so you know I’m telling the truth. Try the following exercise:

1. Look at a fine and distinct quality of an object (for example: the color, the edge, the shape)

2. place your concentration on the object

3. As you look at the object NOTICE how your CONCENTRATION on that quality wavers to another quality of the object, within SECONDS.
You see, you might be able to focus your attention on a task for 40 or 50 minutes+, but you cannot focus your concentration on a particular quality for more than a few seconds!!!
Your concentration ability is the most fundamental “tool” which you have for all intellectual endeavors.
And here lies a secret to increasing your intelligence.
Since your concentration span is so tiny, if you can find a technique to INCREASE your concentration span, BY EVEN A SECOND, it will lead to a HUGE increase in concentration ability overall.

And the technique to do this is what I’m going to teach you
right now. Use this because it works!

TECHNIQUE: Pseudo Telekinesis (AVERAGE IQ GAIN= 5-15 POINTS)
1. Obtain a coin and place it in front of you.
2. Make sure you are in a comfortable sitting place and in a location in which you will not be disturbed.
3. Look at the coin from a distance of 30 to 40cm away and concentrate your full attention on the look of the coin. Try and concentrate on its shape more than its particular features. Do not touch the coin.
4. Place your attention on the side-edge of the coin and try and force all your mental attention and thoughts to be concentrated on that edge. By attention, i am NOT talking about making images or words in your mind. You simply want to force all of your concentration and mental energy on the
edge of the coin. As if you were forcing all your thoughts onto the edge of the coin.
5. You should imagine that the mental attention, concentration and your thoughts which you are exerting is acting as a force to make the coin move. Mentally push with your concentration towards the edge of the coin as hard as possible. If the coin moves, replace it with a non-metallic object as your emphasis here is not real telekinesis.
6. You must maintain as much as possible, your concentration on the shape of the coin by looking directly at it, but also by attempting to force your mental attention and thoughts onto its edge.
7. If you are performing the technique correctly, you will become unaware of your surroundings. If you become distracted (which you will at first), turn your attention back to the coin and doggedly attempt to maintain it.
8. You can repeat for any object of your choice, but a small metal object is desirable since this allows your focus and brainwave patterns to become more precise.
Other Effects of This Technique

1. Increased listening ability
2. Increased mathematical ability
3. Ability to sustain more complex arguments
4. Increased ability to extract relevant information from
5. Increased ease of memorization
You should easily get an extra 5-15 IQ points on your existing IQ score over time. I recommend that you practise for 6 days out of 7, and for 30 minutes at a time.
I can tell you, the effect on your concentration will be MASSIVE. I hope you enjoy this technique.
If you haven’t already, please have a look at the Articles Database for additional IQ increasing tips.

If you missed it, the link is here:

That’s it for today!
Next time i want to talk about a few more secrets about increasing intelligence, which virtually nobody knows.
Til then…..
To Your Genius Intelligence!
The GeniusIntelligence Genius

South Quays, London
United Kingdom

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