Listen to some relaxing music then get some free from Mindzoom

January 24, 2009


Hi Everyone, just a quick one today and here’s wishing everyone a great weekend.  lj

Get some free relaxing music and listen to some sessions for free! Free is good Click Here!   They have one ten minute one called relaxing dream that is great.  Just download it to your computer and take a break with it.  I love putting a few of these together and using them other times.  Sometimes at night when I’m not ready for sleep, yet it’s time to do that.  Rather then lie awake with all those thoughts that tend to run around, just putting something like this in the cd player I can just drift off. 

Just wanted to share this site with you and let you go and get some of their music along with articles they have there that are pretty informative.  I have been focusing on sites that are not only empowering for myself and others, these sites are a good review of many things that I have learned in my lifetime.  Never had a need to memorize the stuff yet it is good to have access to some of the important things they talk about.  I guess more so as I bend towards that 60th year I think more about where my mind and brain will be in the next five to ten years. 



Enter a long URL to make tiny:
love this site and it’s free to use yourself.  lj


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