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January 25, 2009


Hi, everyone, it’s Sunday and I’m taking some time off later to get to do something I haven’t had time to do in a long time.  I was actually going to take the whole day off and not send a blog out at all yet as it goes while checking email I got an update on one of the affiliates set up for number one daughter.

After listening to this person again it was inspiring enough to make me send out a short message about him plus to put #one’s site address back up.  Haven’t done that in a while with all the other promotions I’ve been doing for LadyJzTalkzone last month and most of this. 

Feeling finally like I’m gaining ground again plus using the microsoft Windows Live Writer that puts these blogs into 12 of the sites I have with one click of a button, has really saved some time, yet mostly just made it easier to do.  I’ll be working on getting the other 8 working with this and I’ll be so happy.

So to get to the purpose I am inviting you all to stop by at TTidd-ENTER-prize
and the page that opens is for Michael Rasmussen who is one of the guys I really enjoy listening to.  He has a whole set of free videos you can listen to when you become an affiliate with him.  I’m looking forward to promoting more of his work though the online business.  If you are looking for some free advice, some great free inspiration, along with other things he has to help you jump start a list and e-business, check him out now! 

Thank you all and have a great day.  Lj


FREE Email Copywriting Videos… Click here!  to go straight to Michael’s site. 


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