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January 27, 2009

hi, everyone, Lady J here on a cold Monday morning.  So perhaps this newsletter will warm your soul as I find it a wonderful recap of many lessons.  Each told in their own words that many times brings a little different insight to each lesson.  Read, join, share with others.  Lady J


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The Soul Hacker

Welcome Edition | Vol. 1, Issue 1

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Hi JackiMSeiWell,

Welcome to your first issue of The Soul Hacker Ezine. I’m Janet-Lee Halish, the founder of Gratitude Road and the Creator of The Soul Hacker Ezine. I’m so excited about using this ezine to communicate with you and help you along your journey. Each month, you will learn something new to help you grow, clear out the toxic waste in your spirit, mind & body, which will provide you with the a unique set of keys to help you unlock your resistance to love, light and happiness.

My passion is to help you realize more love, light and happiness in your life.

Working with thousands of people just like you, I have discovered that when the time is right, transformation is instantaneous. Healing must always include spirit, mind and body. What happens to most people is that they think their healing is complete when they address it on only one or two levels. The real key is to be sure the healing takes place on ALL levels.

The fact that this Ezine is called “The Soul Hacker” at first might elicit an uncomfortable response from you. When I first contemplated using it, I too was put off by it’s potential to conjure violent (CSI like) images and thoughts of a malicious computer expert, who breaks into systems and re-arranges it’s functionality, maybe even imbedding virus codes.

But as with all things there is a yin and yang.

According to the Hacker dictionary there are actually “hackers and crackers”. Unlike a cracker who is malicious, hackers are enthusiastic experts who can explore systems and stretch their capabilities, can get in and out of the operating system quickly and they enjoy the challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations and barriers, finding and repairing weaknesses so that the computer works more effectively. Coming from that definition “the Soul hacker is an appropriate title for this Ezine.

I am to your souls’ internal operating system – what a hacker is to a computer. All of my work is done under the guidance of spirit in light and love, with your permission and knowledge and together I help you to break through the barriers, resistance, limitations and viruses in your spirit, mind and body that sabotage and prevent you from creating the life that you want and deserve.

In Love and Light,

Janet-Lee Halish
The Soul Hacker

Your 1st Gratitude Road Key:
3 Quick Tips to Creating Magic in Your Life
By Janet-Lee Halish

There is no beginning or end to any of us. Energetically we are all one. Energy cannot be created or destroyed – it just is. As a result, whatever one person does will affect everyone else forever. That’s a BIG BOLD statement, but it is truth. Once we each realize this fact and live by it, then we will see a lasting positive change for ourselves and humanity.

All wounds occur in our spiritual body. When we are not connected to Spirit/God/Universal Source (they’re all the same) then we are not fully able to connect to Self or Others.

The easiest way to connect to Spirit is to be in a state of Gratitude. Most people who practice Gratitude do so when things are going well. A critical key to unlocking resistance is to be grateful regardless of how things are going. To be grateful when money your is tight, you’ve just found out that you’re being laid off, your child has been diagnosed with an illness – those are the real tests of gratitude.

Here are 3 ways to develop conscious gratitude:

1. Daily Gratitude Practice – Two minutes each night before you fall asleep – think about each thing that occurred during your day. For example, you went to work, your child came home safely from school, your car had a flat tire, you had a late start out of the house, a friend called, you forgot a doctor appt, you made a great sale, you lost your car keys etc.

When each thought and image comes to mind, take a moment and think about being grateful. You will notice that it’s easy to feel gratitude for some of these events, while finding reason(s) to be grateful for a flat tire for example will challenge your ability to feel gratitude. Growth comes from being outside your comfort zone. It is important to take those challenges in your life and find gratitude.

What if your flat tire prevented you from getting a ticket on your way to work, or while you were waiting for the tire to be changed, you had a great conversation with another customer (a stranger) someone who because of you -had their day made. When you are fully in the moment and grateful your awareness broadens and opportunities are revealed.

2. Grounding Practice – Grounding is the practice of centering your spirit-mind-body so that you feel connected and peaceful. Many people use meditation as a grounding practice, while others ground into the earth. In Mediation the grounding is directed from the mind up or out to Spirit while Earth grounding is directed from the feet into the core of the Earth. Your body similar to a lightning rod has two ends and to be truly grounded you must ground at both ends so that you are not losing your energy. The best and easiest way that I’ve found to ground is:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Focus on breathing – from the abdomen – in slow, steady breaths
  • Slightly bend knees
  • Drop your Sacrum (hip region-tucking your tailbone) toward the earth
  • As you exhale send your thoughts of love and gratitude out through your heart and up
  • On the inhale breath you will direct those same thoughts down through the Crown Chakra (top of the head). This circular motion will connect you up and out toward Spirit without causing you to lose your own energy. When you feel connected move on to the next step.
  • Direct your exhale and energy into Mother Earth. Feel as if your feet are growing roots which easily travel through the many layers and anchor at the core of the earth.
  • Once anchored to the earth, mentally trace that line of energy back up into your feet and into your body thereby maximizing your own energy potential.

The power of this exercise will improve with each session. Take your time; stay positive, it is an easy and graceful experience. If you find resistance, impatience or anything other than love and gratitude – STOP- and come back to it at another time. With practice, grounding can be accomplished in a few minutes.

3. Be an Observer in your Life – Take notice of those moments, people, places or things that cause you to feel any emotion that is not positive. The goal is to be in flow. When you are in flow, grateful and grounded you are always connected to God/Spirit/Universal Source. The act of awareness alone will bring about changes in your emotional responses to that which you are observing. Focus your attention to replicating positive emotions in your life.

Follow these simple tips and your Gratitude Practice will become more spontaneous. You will soon find that you are in gratitude, grounded, in flow and connected to Spirit 24/7. This is how to hack into your own soul and to create magic in your own life.

Here is an example of how using these tips can bring you wonderful experiences.

Today, because I was aware, grounded and grateful I was able to see the blessing that 2 beautiful yet lost chocolate labs made there way to my home. As there feet tangled in the computer cords on my desk- and equipment almost went flying through the air, and I am slobbered from head to toe I laughed and experienced pure joy; even though I had a deadline for this ezine.

So, for a few hours my dog needs were met and Choco and his sister were safe and had plenty of water and toys to play with. Since the passing of my dog Taylor, Spirit finds the most amazing ways for me to get “dog lovin’”. The last time this happened was a few months ago. While running errands, my car got a flat tire and my cell phone was at home (something that I never do), so instead of calling road repair, I drove to a nearby tire shop, one that I’ve never used. Instead of being upset – I counted the blessings in getting this flat tire. For example, I wasn’t on the highway driving 75mph and there was a tire store open at 6pm on a Saturday night. When I got to the tire store my reward was a customer and her beautiful Rottweiler. So for the next hour or so, I gave and received unconditional love.

Pay attention in your own life and see how being grateful, grounded and paying attention will bring you great rewards.

You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

Janet-Lee Halish, The Soul Hacker, unlocks your resistance to love, light, and happiness, which allows you to become who you are truly menat to be! To subscribe to Janet-Lee’s FREE ezine, visit http://www.gratituderoad.com today!

“Janet’s Work Is Amazing!”

“In one session, she successfully helped me release a significant negative attachment to a specific person. I had been working on healing from this relationship for years and the work that I did with Janet got me lasting results. This person actually called me as Janet said she would, and when I saw her a couple of months later for the first time in four years, what a transformation!

We were both the same people, but we were no longer connected negatively, and after 15 years of estrangement, we both had a really positive experience. That positive experience continues to last and grow as we continue to communicate by phone. I can finally work on rebuilding my relationship with this person. Janet helped me do what I could not do by myself. I highly recommend her!”

Kristin Planinz, L.Ac, CH, MSOM

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Intensive one on one work where you will finally clear out the limitations, issues, barriers and interferences that either prevent you from making progress in your life or keep you going back to address the same old issues over and over again.

7-Week Teleconference Group Coaching
Small group coaching designed to help you clear out the most common sabotaging limitations that arise. Part of the call is designed to educate you about the weekly topic, while the remainder of the call is focused on getting you to the goal that you have chosen. Each person will choose a specific goal to work on for the 7 weeks. You will choose from one of the following areas: physical, spiritual, finance, business/career, relationship, emotional. These calls will be recorded and available to you for subsequent listening.

In 1996, Janet left her executive position as Director of Operations for a fortune 500 company in the Health Insurance Industry. After 17 years, she was at the top of her game but as her life spiraled out of control, she discovered a calling to become an energy healer. One year later she’d implemented the chair massage internship program at the Lego Corporation Employee Wellness Program in Enfield, CT. Janet was also instrumental in the office re-design for the U.S. headquarters of a German software company based upon Feng Shui and energetic flow principles. The changes she implemented resulted in the location posting the highest quarterly profits in the history of the company for all divisions worldwide.

By 1998 she earned a diploma in Massage Therapy from the Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy and passed her National Boards. Since then, Janet has been trained in Usui Reiki, Bach Flower Essences, Christa Healing, Chakra Balancing, Somatic Movement Therapy, Cranial Therapy, Activated Isolated Stretching, Crystal Therapy, Qi-gong and Natural Health and Healing.
Janet-Lee has gone on to co-create a successful holistic healing practice and the first flotation center in her region in the Southwest. In the first year this company outgrew their physical space 3 times due to high demand for services. She has served on the steering committee of One in Spirit, a local holistic community of 100+ members, and has a thriving practice as an energy healer.
Today, Janet assists people to re-connect with Spirit and Self and helps them “unlock their resistance to love, light and happiness.”

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