Just one of the great products I have available through my SFI market

February 9, 2009


All products and profits from the sale of these go directly into building the business 4Rchildrensfutures.  We thank you all for allowing us to come into your mail box.  lj


Jacki m Seiwell HAS SENT YOU AN E-CARD!


This stuff actually really taste great also. I put a capful/oz into my morning milkshake and it’s the best way I’ve every had to take daily vitamins. I also use it for my EA standing order for each month. There are so many products in this company that you can now buy through the Triple Click links and if you use our affiliate number #10120099 the credit goes to us. If you shop on line think about helping out by going through our site and links. Thank you so much and have a great week. LJ
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I know there are so many products on the market that claim Child and Pet Safe yet I still always caution to read all warnings yourself and follow all directions carefully to ensure the safety of both your child and your pets health. Many of these products offered in Triple Clicks can be used for credit towards your EA each month. This company has many other incentives to join the SFI company and build the Strong Futures in your own life. LJ
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This is so important to realize that unlike popular belief aspirin made for human consumption often upset the dogs/cats stomach for good reason. Please learn more before giving other products to your pets. lj
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Note: This message was sent to you on the behalf of Jacki m Seiwell (SFIassociates@officeliveusers.com) by The SFI Marketing Group (5945 Cornhusker Hwy, Ste A, Lincoln, NE 68507 USA, Ph 402-434-8480, Fax 402-434-8483). To protect your privacy, your contact information has NOT been retained by SFI.


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