Listen to another great Rant from Randy Gage

February 10, 2009

sending these on for those who have never listened to or don’t know who Randy Gage is.  He is one of the best motivational speakers I’ve listened to and also one of the most down to earth rant’er I’ve read this year.  So here for you to read and join his site if you would like to get your own copy of Randy’s Rants delivered to your box. 

Dear Jacki M,

I’m back down in Key West to finish a book. Just some random
thoughts from the drive down…

Had to wait a few minutes as I pulled out from my street, there
were so many people walking dogs, riding bikes, and pushing
strollers. What a beautiful Sunday morning.

The first 45 minutes you go through Kendall, and Perrine, with some
of the most God-forsaken suburban sprawl with nothing but strip
mall after another. But once you hit the Keys, the overseas
highway is one of the most breathtaking spiritual drives you can

Remember when you took long drives and you had to turn the dial
through the static looking for a local radio station? Took the new
Challenger, because of the satellite radio and it has an electronic
jukebox with my favorite albums. Good thing too, since the highway
patrolman who clocked me at a speed we won’t mention here, still
owns the ’73 Dodge Charger he bought in college! It’s always good
to talk shop with a Mopar man.

And the Challenger Nav system just automatically displays the map
and shows you exactly where you are and where you’re headed, even
if you have never read the owners manual. Why can’t the Aston,
Bentley, and Corvette be that easy?

The people up in Halifax are scraping the ice off of their cars,
and I’m sitting naked in a hot tub watching the stars. What are
they thinking!

There were three businesses with people standing alongside US 1,
waving people in with signs. One in a chicken suit. I can’t
decide if this is a renaissance of a clever marketing strategy, or
reeks of desperation.

Drove by a BMW dealership and at least 80% of the cars on the lot
were Mini Coopers.

Noticed a lot of billboards touting Budweiser as the great American
lager. Wonder of this is working with the NASCAR rednecks now that
it’s owned by a Belgium company?

When I first started coming to Key West, there was one "safe"
bathroom about midway down, in the MacDonald’s. Now you have a
choice of at least 10 or 15 McD’s, Wendy’s, and Burger Kings. Not
sure this is progress though.

Speaking of Burger King, when their bread vendor pitched them to
switch from those delicious, flaky breakfast croissants, to the
horrible, dry hamburger buns shaped like croissants – did they
think we wouldn’t notice?

Of course when you drive from Miami to Key West, it’s required that
you listen to some Jimmy Buffet along the way. When he got to the
part about being a pirate 200 years too late, I was thinking that I
was a paperboy 35 years too early. Still have a herniated disc
from the heavy Sunday papers I had to lug in my shoulder bag.
Looked at the Miami Herald this morning and it’s skinnier than the
old Thursday papers used to be. Wonder how long they’ll hang on
before they give up the ghost?

The truth is, in this economic climate, businesses need to market
more than ever. Don’t know why all these bankrupt papers can’t get
that message out. There’s a real opportunity for some sharp
marketing consultants to jump in this niche. I’m not hungry
enough, but someone could make a fortune here.

There were around 20 large birds flying in ‘V’ formation, about 15
feet off the water, right alongside the road. There were about ten
of us drivers, slowed down to 5 MPH watching them. No one honked
the horn. It was just one of those magical moments that natures
offers us.

I must tell you, I was completely blown away by the deluge of
responses you sent on the column ""Dying to Lie." It’s the most
replies I’ve received to anything. It is nice to know that hope
still resonates and you can be reminded of how great you really can

Ok, going to Margaritaville to quaff a frosty cold root beer and
eat a gop-smacking delicious, cheeseburger in paradise. Then I’ll
come back and get on the book!


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