Just a few personal words today

February 17, 2009


Nothing news worthy came into the box today so I’ll just share a few of my own words that came as I set up a new site and blog.  A personal one on another network where I have found a few special people who share a goal of helping others.  Have a great week everyone. lj’


The flow of witty words stops just short of my finger tips still. Yet, I shall not waiver on the goal at hand. I feel blessed to have found Lisa J and this site along with the radio now that I can listen to for some well needed motivation and friendship.

I live in a place at the moment with those who I can only call I feel untouchables. Of course realizing that the one who has become the most untouchable has been myself. Some would call this the desert period of my life. Perhaps the landscape is parsed enough. Many and near all would say we are just where we need to be in life. These truths I hold to also. Yet….

No music sooths me for the words all be long to someone else. My own music lies in a suitcase while my instruments are packed and alas "again" waiting for me to move and settle before I set them up. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to start again.

No show settles me for each time someone does the wrong thing I just get up and turn it off. You can do anything as long as you say you are sorry in the last ten minutes of the show. You can lie, cheat, steal, and yes, kill all for the higher good, depending on which side you are on.

No books stir my soul like the ones I have started because no matter what they write it’s just not real enough for me. I found more realism in Harry Potter series then most stories I’ve tried to start to read. That or I’ve lived a more exciting series of events perhaps. And then again about the time the lies and betrayals start it’s a lost cause.

I’ve never lost faith in my purpose yet I grew weary of the purpose. I need the motivation, I need the wind to blow again, the smell of new life, sound of new beginnings, trust in a plan for surely it is time to move on. Nothing appears to be as it is suppose to be. Did you ever wake up and feel surely this was not the correct time for you?

As new awakenings come, so does new choices. Choose wisely they say….yet choose something that fulfills. As always, LadyJtalks


programs used 4Rchildrensfutures


This is my best tool bar ad on I’ve ever found. I have 150 sites in my affiliate program and this makes my job so much easier. I’m just going down my list of contacts on microsoft live space and letting everyone know. (yep, the old fashion way, one at a time)

You can use this for free and after thirty days I believe they let you keep it with up to ten or more many passwords on it for free. I have a friend who is still using hers with about 25 on it.

You’ll have to upgrade if you want more but if you decide to upgrade Lady Jz Talk Zone and 4Rchildrensfutures will get credit for each person who does.

Thank you for taking a look and being part of my live spaces site here on microsoft. I hope you enjoy this and have a great week. Lady J



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