Mike Skinner in the news…..letter that is….here’s a great update from him

February 23, 2009


I love being able to bring these to you as they roll across my desk….Please visit and help bring their voices to others you know could use them.  If you forward the blogs to others it may help someone that you don’t even know is still in the darkness looking for a little light today.  Lady J 4Rchildrensfutures


Hi Folks, 2/23/09

A little late with this month’s sharing….I meant to send this back in January, but I’ve been busy, which is always a good thing. Better to complain about being busy, than the opposite of that. I’ve been writing a lot, and the pathways and doors opened up when one is writing a book about your life, well…it certainly can bring on many new challenges.

Quite excited and honored to now be a part of the RAINN Speakers Bureau:

www.rainn.orgRAINN: The nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization.
One of “America’s 100 Best Charities" —Worth magazine

And speaking of writing, I’ve been asked to contribute to a book being published in the near future. It will contain the stories of survivors of childhood sexual abuse – quite honored to be a part of this worthy endeavor. More info to follow…

While still in the what’s new with me department – I was recently interviewed for an article to appear in New Hampshire Magazine – www.nhmagazine.com that talks about my music, healing, and advocacy efforts. What made this really special was the fact that Sara Lenoe, a friend of mine helped make this possible. It should appear in either the April or May issue, I’ll let you know.

And finally, one of the things I like doing the most, sharing some great resources with everyone. Please take some time to visit these organizations and the individual websites – some great advocacy and awareness efforts going on. There are lots of us out there doing some great works, but we’ll do even more by networking and collaborating with one another.

Take care, Mike

www.mskinnermusic.com – Hope, Healing, & Help for Trauma, Abuse, & Mental Health through music, resources, & advocacy

www.youtube.com/mcstrain – live performance of "Brush Away Your Tears" from TV show interview

www.michaelskinner.net – New site for public speaking & music presentation on healing for trauma, abuse, & mental health.

PAVE – www.pavingtheway.netShatter the Silence of Sexual Violence! Angela Rose is doing some great work; her You Tube video is also posted from my You Tube link.

Male Sexual Abuse Victims
of Female Perpetrators:
Society’s Betrayal of Boys

by Kali Munro, M.Ed., Psychotherapist,


Well…the title says it all……

3] Vivian Farmery has a site for both kids and adults – please check it out!!

JUST TELL was created to educate and empower children and adults around the issue of childhood sexual abuse. : www.JustTell.org

4] Helping to Perish an Abused Child’s Nightmare…" – SANDRA, the Founder & President takes the pain and sorrow of her child’s sexual abuse to help others.


5] My friend Rick has created this website:

www.innocencedeclared.org – I am Speaking Out…

I have created this site to declare my innocence, honor the heroic struggle of my childhood, and continue my healing journey. 

Others seeking to further their own healing by declaring their innocence are welcome to submit their stories.

6] http://www.youthvoiceinitiative.org/

Lika Saliscente, the founder of the Youth Voice Initiative is involved with legislation to help end child sex abuse on and off line. Please find out more at her site.



4Rchildrensfutures fund:


This is my best tool bar ad on I’ve ever found. I have 150 sites in my affiliate program and this makes my job so much easier.



The question is:

" When you think, do you MAKE the thoughts you’re thinking?"



Confused? Weird question huh? Let me ask you again then…………

Do you MAKE the thoughts you think?



Aha. The answer is actually NO.

You ever MAKE the thoughts YOU think

Instead, you actually RECEIVE the thoughts!


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