Another day of searching

February 26, 2009

ladydragonblue HERE is the beginning of the awakening we search for. It is very hard for so many to believe that we all have to begin over many times in our lives. And sometimes it’s very hard to find that one thing that makes it all happen. (Again)

A person said something to me the other day that started the drawing. As a Double Leo, born on the first, in the year of the Dragon, it is not often that I even have to ask for help. Perhaps it’s not help I need as much as motivation as I look for the light out side.

As many will tell you and I needed to write to find my own answer to that. The light is still inside of me, I’m just not able to find it or it’s source. So I have been blessed with a few people to enter into my life that I can hear say the things I can’t reach behind that plexi glass wall that is my world inside.

One first says "just do it" in answer to the direction I see my work going in. Yet finding or deciding which "#1" item will be the new beginnings. Because I know that the beginning comes before the Awakening. One in response to my question said "find like minded people" and that is almost a great idea, yet I am not sure that I want ‘like minded’ people that they referred to into my life again. I haven’t learned yet to allow myself to just receive and restore.

My mind always before it starts is already thinking of those who can benefit from what ever it is I am about to receive. Thus my need to fill or patch some how the sive of a mind/body/soul I am. That is at least the thoughts that come to me at this moment.

The caution given to me from a reader as I called in to her was to be careful of being Pretentious, as Leo’s appear many times. The lion from the Wizard of Oz comes to mind for me. Though I have much courage in my life there are times that I just want to be the meekest amongst the forest and have someone shelter me.

Knowing I can do and will do when I am ready to makes it very hard for others to look upon me with the same gentle nature they do the timid rabbit. Watch and share our new awakenings.

Lady Jtalks


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