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March 5, 2009

honored to be able to share these with you.  Please forward them to others so that they know they are not alone in their struggles.  Lady J  @  Lady Jz Talk Zone







Break the Silence World wide!

craig and angela sundanceThank you so much for all of your support of Angela Shelton!  A very long time ago I thought that I was just going on the road over the summer to make a little documentary about women, and now years later this powerful film continues to inspire and empower people all over the world.

We have a fancy new site that was gifted to us from our dear friend Ali Drummond.  Those of you who remember the story I told you about Holly (read it here) will be proud to learn that she also has created a new site for my personal

I was just at the Sundance Film Festival with cameraman and editor Craig Leimere (above) working on another short documentary called Save The Egyptian.  You know me, I have to save things including art house theaters! at the festival I was blessed to meet David Eberts, director of Where the Water Meets the Sky. It warms my heart each time I meet one of the amazing people on this planet doing amazing things – especially good men helping women!  David worked with Camfed, the organization committed to providing girls and women with the tools to tell their own stories, in their own voices!  Morgan Freeman narrates the story of a remarkable group of women in Northern Zambia as they learn the art of filmmaking and find the courage to change their lives.  Yeehaw!   I love this film and I love this man for making it so much that I got an idea!!  As you are out there using Searching for Angela Shelton to break the silence and the cycle of abuse in America, let’s broaden the mission and begin showing Where The Water Meets the Sky as well.  In support of breaking the silence worldwide use the coupon code "loveangela" to get 50% off of the screening licensing for your schools.  That makes it only $50. 

courage_002You’ve heard me talk about removing the sword of trauma and using it with love instead of vengeance – here’s a great way to do it!

To host a screening of Where The Water Meets the Sky at your schools and/or universities, it is only  $30 and you get a Camfed factsheet, discussion points and suggestions for further involvement.   To host a screening in your home it is free but suggested that you help raise money for Camfed.  For either type of screening, please send a note to Abby Carswell at Tell her that Angela Shelton sent you. 

When you host both movies, we will send you a FREE Searching for Angela Shelton Viewing Guide and Workbook. Once you get a license, email and we’ll send you one asap!  Thank you for breaking the silence worldwide! 

Here is a list of where to see the film as well as where to sign up for more information. Please support Camfed.  It is an amazing organization.

New Searching for Angela Shelton DVD

Because of all of the supporters of Searching for Angela Shelton, the official version with all the bells and whistles is almost ready!  There are many people who have worked for free on this and when it’s free, it sometimes takes longer!  Thank you for your patience and a huge thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered the movie.  We are launching it in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month! We need to sell 150 more DVDs to bring it to the duplication house to get it out in time so please help me and tell 3 friends to order the movie, add the new site to your Facebook and/or order one for your local libraries.  If you are at one of the many organizations I love please send it out to your list serves. The new version has never-before-seen footage because after being at so many QandAs, I was able to answer a lot of the questions in the movie. It also has Spanish subtitles, closed captioning for the hearing inpaired, a director’s commentary and a lovely photo album that plays with one of the amazing songs when you put it in your DVD player. Yay! I made this one due to the amount of requests for it so please help me get it out.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

    Removing the Sword of Trauma

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  You can also watch this on The Survivor Manual

I love this powerpoint presentation!  Only 2 events have seen it so far because it’s new and fancy!  I share my concept of trauma being similar to being pierced with a sword and take you through the process of acknowledging it, removing it, and then using the sword in your life as a warrior instead of a victim. The best events are 1.5-3 hours long with a workshop. To book bring me and my sword to your event contact  


Angela Shelton

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The ARMY OF ANGELS are gathering.
The very first Army of Angels conference is going to be held March 13-14 in Las Vegas. These women amaze me and I’m proud to be an Angel in the Army.   For more information contact

The Angela Shelton Foundation has taken over The Survivor Manual.

All donations to the foundation are a tax write off.  Please help us with the creation of the Survivor Manual site and online TV show! 



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