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March 13, 2009


Honored to be able to share this with you.  This woman was one of my first mentors in life and one of the first people to make me know I was understood.  Jacki


Dear Jacki M SeiWell,

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and I wanted to wish you a little Irish Cheer, especially since my favorite person was born on St. Patty’s Day! She’s not Irish, but St. Patrick loves her anyway.

Get Clear. Get Connected. Get Out of the Way!

The word for today is allowing. The number one trap that keeps people stuck is the belief that we have to figure it all out before we get moving.

Not so.

Life lived fully is about flow.
Our world, aka media and well meaning, negative-want-to-protect-you friends and family will shoot down your ideas before they get a chance to hatch. Protect them at all costs! That means sometimes you must hold your tongue and choose wisely who you share your dreams with. Make a habit to connect with people who will support your dreams and keep you clear and connected.

Here’s what I learned about the power of flow and surrendering when I said "yes" to attend a surprise 75th birthday party for a long time friend in Austin, TX.

I said yes when I listened to my intuition and called his wife to see what was going on.
I said yes when she invited me. I said yes when she offered to fly me in as her guest.

I said yes even when it meant saying no to other plans.

Here’s a hint. When you say yes, there are a lot of "no’s" that need to be said in order to make room for the yes. This can get sticky when our logical mind fills us with should’s, could’s and need to’s.

I said no to working on my book, which as I write, is about 10 days away from printing. I said no to working with a client who I was supporting in finding venture capital for his project. I said no to working with other clients for five days, so I could go play.

Here’s what happened when I said yes to something that made no logical sense, other than a very strong inner prompting that moved me.

I found someone who wanted to purchase my books before they were printed and I found someone who gifted me the entire first printing costs for my book. Amazing what happens when 40 happy people are in a room celebrating together.

I found a wonderful match for my friends’ venture capital needs through a chance conversation during my visit.

I got to Jet Ski, visit Esther’s Follies, play with bison and long horn steers up close and personal, and laugh until my sides split with the pure joy of helping to pull off a surprise party for a man that couldn’t be surprised. That was only the first one: he got his dream car, a 1957 Venetian Orange Chevy Corvette. Just the night before at dinner he was saying that was the only car he had ever really wanted. Talk about having to keep a straight face.

Going with the flow looks like being really clear about what you want. It means connecting with that part inside of you that "knows" what your next step is, even when you don’t consciously know how to get there. It means having the ability to sacrifice all of the other potential "yes’s" to take that next step. Most importantly, at least as I write this, it means surrendering fear and dismissing the little gremlin voices that will tell you why something won’t work. Personally, I tell them to go sit down. So far they do…

I can tell you from experience, that getting clear and getting connected takes work, intention and detective muscles. It means examining your beliefs, attitudes, conditioning and more. That more is to observe without judging the very beliefs, attitudes and conditioning that took you to where you are right now. Letting go and letting it flow comes when you learn to trust your own inner wisdom. That comes over time as you become trustworthy with your words, your commitments and your choices. Here’s the rub: the very thing that got you where you are is now the thing most likely holding you back.

"To allow" means to permit to occur, to do, have, enter. When we allow ourselves to become human beings who flow and grow moment by moment, we enter the magical world of clarity and connection. That is where it is all happening.

Here is another key: Sometimes it takes patience and letting go of the dream in order to have it appear. My friend had long ago released his dream to drive a 1957 Venetian Orange Chevy Corvette. It was clear what he wanted. The years had passed and there was no longer an attachment. Perhaps his clarity and connection to that dream opened the door for his wife to make it come true. None of us are islands; every grand dream takes a team to manifest.

If you would like to surround yourself with a team who can support you in getting clear and connected, consider attending our Action Tele-seminar that begins April 2nd. Here’s more information: http://www.linmorel.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=12

Here’s what a former participant had to say: "Lin’s clear and concise help was invaluable. She was encouraging and assisted me in staying focused. I can’t imagine having done this journey with out Lin: I sold everything I owned and moved cross country. Because of the encouragement and trust in my own intuition, I purchased a new car for the journey across and then within four days of arriving I had a new apartment and a job. If it sounds over the top, it is! I feel more clear and more connected than ever. I let go and let God lead me. Talk about a support team! Prepare for miracles." MKS, Virginia

Lin Morel, MA, DSS
Live Brilliantly. Change your World. Because you Can.

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