Steve Marshall live with the Raw Truth

March 15, 2009


Hi everyone, met this guy onair radio at and he is really great.  Definitely down to earth so I want to introduce him to my blog readers also.  Lady J

Moving from Knowledge to Wisdom.  “Knowledge is knowing how to clean a window.  Wisdom is doing it”

Most of us KNOW what to do, right? Yet how many of actually do it?  Not many.  His words in his web site he has started.  He’s been thinking about it for a long, and knew he had to do it.  Much more to get done yet this was one of the first steps. 

So here it is.  “I finally stated moving from knowledge to wisdom, from knowing to doing.  What about you?  What do you know?….Steve

Steve Marshall has spent 20 years changing the world one listener at a time.  Spending most of his life talking with listeners, and helping them move past the blocks that keep them from being all they can.  Steve combines intuition, spirituality, and an ability to get down to the issue at hand, then tackle it.  Steve will pull no punches and tell you what you need to hear. 

Using intuition, in a grounded, earthly way, Steve can help you empower yourself, and finally stop repeating the same patterns over and over. 

Just as comfortable with a pizza in front of the TV, as he is talking with a crossed over loved one, or helping you move through your childhood blocks, Steve Marshall has a unique way of bringing you the truth the way it was meant to be told!

here from 4Rchildrensfutures:


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