Special PAVE newsletter

March 31, 2009


Special PAVE Newsletter

Sexual Assault Awareness Month
April 2009

In This Issue

Report IT Campaign

Binding Project

Removing the Mask

Art for Awareness Event

Transition to Survivor

PAVE Affiliate Program

Urgent Action Alert

Dear Jacki m,

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), a time for survivors and supporters alike to shatter the silence of sexual violence. Please get involved with some of the follow events to do your part in ending sexual violence. Please feel free to pass this special edition newsletter on to your friends and colleagues. 


PAVE, Founder and Executive Director

Report IT Campaign

The Report It Campaign is a nationwide, state-to-state rally on April 29 to raise awareness on the prevalent victim-blaming that contributes to vast under-reporting of sexual violence and low rates of prosecution. Report IT’s goal is to call for removal of statutes of limitations on reporting sexual abuse to increase victims’ chances for justice.

Learn more and get involved today! Bring justice to victims now!

Binding Project

The Binding Project is an international art empowerment campaign where participants write an empowering word on a plastic zip tie bracelet to show their solidarity with victims that shatter the silence of sexual violence. Thousands of these binding bracelets are being collected for an installation art piece in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

These zip ties were used to bind PAVE Founder

Angela Rose when she was abducted and assaulted. Learn more about how to partake in this project for SAAM.

Removing the Mask

Do you want an innovative way to raise money for your local rape crisis center, church or women’s shelter? Plan a "Removing the Mask" party where participants donate to decorate a mask and then these masks can be put on display at a local library or community center to raise awareness. These paper masks are available for $2.99 plus shipping for 24 masks – click here. All you need are random art supplies like markers, magazines/glue stick, feathers, or any other decorative supplies. For a complete campaign packet of information, become a PAVE affiliate by emailing Stephanie to learn more about how your organization can parter with PAVE: chapters@pavingtheway.net.

Also, purchase campaign t-shirts where a portion of proceeds benefit PAVE! Artist Morgan from Koko Mia was inspired by PAVE, she designed the shirts and wrote a corresponding poem. Read the verse and order a t-shirt today!

Art for Awareness Event
This event combines artists, musicians, advocates, and poets to bring a sense of community and empowerment when shattering the silence of sexual violence. For complete event project plan, become a PAVE affiliate! (Painting by Kamelia)

Transition to Survivor Viewing
PAVE’s powerful documentary on victims’ transition to survivor is being shown on college campuses and military bases across the country. The film features survivors of sexual violence telling their stories from reporting the crime to dealing with the aftermath of violence.

Click here to purchase

As a gift to you for shattering the silence, we are offering free downloads of the theme song Transition written and performed by Angela Rose. By clicking here, you can download the mp3. If you liked the song – email Angela and tell her! angela@pavingtheway.net

PAVE Affiliate Program

Join Today!! Get the inside information on new campaigns and events through our PAVE Affiliate Program. This is perfect for existing organizations such as women’s centers, crisis centers, hospitals, advocacy groups and businesses. Join PAVE in the national grassroots movement to shatter the silence of sexual violence!   

Email Stephanie, PAVE’s Chapter and  Affiliate Director:



Action alert – March 30

The Illinois General Assembly is voting on a dangerous bill, HB45 today. We need phone calls to say NO to HB45. If this passes, it means that all inmates such as convicted murderers serving 25 years or more for mass murder or horrific crimes like rape and murder of a child will have a chance at release when they reach the age of 50 which the bill calls "elderly", even if they are serving life without parole! Prisoners the Ripper Murder Crew who murdered, raped and cannibalized more than 20 young women. Victims families of these crimes have NOT been told of this bill.

PLEASE, we need phone calls and fax’s sent in to the Illinois Representatives today! It doesn’t matter if you are a resident of Illinois. Our friend Susan Murphy Milano put all phone numbers on her blog.

Click here Thank you – this is a very scary bill that we need stopped to protect our communities!

Special Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Awareness Jewelry is available for purchase!! Great way to show your support or gift for a loved one.
Designed by Lucinda Zeman

Special offer: mention PAVE to have 20% be donated to Shattering the Silence!!

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