Marie’s Gifts and Books brought to you 4Rchildrensfutures

April 1, 2009

Hi, everyone,  we are busy packing up and heading south to Texas finally and we’ll do our best to keep these rolling as we are.  You can come to and look in our new beginnings section where I will also be doing my best to get updates up in  our Kyte tv channel.  Thanks and check out Marie’s wonderful things she’s made up for the Holiday.  It’s almost here.  Lady J

Marie’s Gift Club

Marie’s Gift Club April Newsletter
Welcome to Marie’s Gift Club!
Welcome to Marie’s Gift Club! As a member you will receive special offers and discounts every month in our Gift Club Monthly Newsletter.  You will also get a preview of new inventory before it is offered on the website.
Gift Club Benefits
10% Off All Orders
Members receive 10% off all your orders. The only items not included in this discount are the monthly gift club exclusive features as they are already offered at a discount.

Exclusive Gift Club Member Offers
Every month you will receive exclusive gift club offers not available to anyone else. The items offered are priced at cost just for members. Shipping charges will still apply, but will also be discounted. A flat shipping fee of $5 will be charged.

Exclusive Offers for April

Take advantage of these great bargains

‘Breakfast in Bed’ Tray                                                          6 Piece Spa Set

Item #: 36192                                                                       Item #: 39801      

Regular Price: $19.95                                                         Regular Price: $21.95

Gift Club Price: $9.95                                                         Gift Club Price: $11.95

Shipping for these offers is $5, half off regular shipping fees.   To order click here.      

Mother’s Day Preview

Mother&Child Figure     ‘Another Word for Love’         Mom Poetic Plaque            #1 Mom Frame

Item #: 30096                 Item #: 37782                      Item #: 38036                Item #: 36494

Price: $69.95                   Price: $14.95                        Price: $4.95                   Price: $12.95

Once again, Welcome! Visit the website for more gifts, custom created giftt baskets and books.


Marie’s Gifts & Books

Charles Village, Baltimore, MD



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  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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