Happy EAster from Marie’s Gifts & Books April Newsletter

April 4, 2009

Marie’s Gifts & Books April Newsletter
New Customer Service Number

Our Customer Service number will change on April 10th.

The new number will be listed on the website.

Shopping Cart Coming Soon!

April 12th is Easter Sunday

Order your gifts and custom Easter baskets by April 5th to ensure on time delivery.

Announcing March’s ‘Guestbook Sign In’ Winner

Congratulations Dawn!

Sign our Guestbook before April 29th for your chance to win a free gift for April.

Be sure to include your email address in the message portion of the sign in form on the guestbook.

Sign up for Marie’s Gift Club

It’s FREE and you receive 10% on all future orders.

You also receive exclusive offers and previews of new items in the Gift Club Monthly Newsletter.

Mother’s Day Gifts will be available on April 13th

We will also be adding new selections to our Bath&Body, Gift Baskets and Books.

Get your custom Mother’s Day orders in early.

Come visit us soon!


Marie’s Gifts & Books




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