Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment

April 4, 2009


PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment Newsletter

Shatter the Silence of Sexual  Violence!

March 2009 

In This Issue

PAVE Profile: Robin Sax

Educational Offer

Save the Date

Article on False Reports

Call To Action

PAVE Profile:

Robin Sax

PAVE’s friend Robin Sax is a former District Attorney who specialized in prosecuting child sex crimes, domestic violence, and stalking.  Since then she has become a published author many times over, including her latest book

Predators and Child Molestors: What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Kids Safe.

Currently she serves as the Director of Child & Family Protection and Education for The Amber Alert Registry, has her own radio talk show "Justice Interrupted" and regularly appears on Nancy Grace, Larry King Live and Fox News as a legal expert.

As an expert on sexual assault, family violence, domestic abuse, stalking, Internet safety, and the criminal justice system she has become an instructor for Los Angeles Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, UCLA, and Cal State LA.  

Find out more about

Robin Sax!

Support PAVE and
Sexual Assault Awareness this Month
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Jewelry Designed & Created

by Lucinda Zeman

PAVE’s Affiliate Program
What is a PAVE Affiliate?

A PAVE Affiliate is an existing institution such as a rape crisis center, women’s center, Sheriff’s department, high school, or campus student government that wants to join the national, grassroots movement to shatter the silence of sexual violence.
Benefits in Becoming a PAVE Affiliate:
· Templates for Fundraising and Meetings
· Action kits for Rallies, Campaigns, and Events
· Webinars and conference calls
· National and International Networking
· Discount on Educational Materials
· Increased Exposure for your Organization

· Insider E-mails from National PAVE


READ MORE and join us today as a PAVE Affiliate!

Questions can be directed at:

Red Carpet Premier

Security on Campus, Inc. is releasing two new educational videos on sexual assault and stalking awareness. To celebrate they will be hosting a red-carpet premeir you’re invited to:

April 30, 2009

Bryn Mawr Film Institute

824 W. Lancaster Ave. #5

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

The premier is an open house where refreshments will be served. Tickets are $25 per person.

Find out more on the videos and this event please visit

Security on Campus, Inc.

Act now will Reduced Rates are still available and receive a complimentary copy of "Breaking the Silence" ($55 value)

Click here to see there new PSA:

Kristen Stewart

Quick Links

National PAVE’s Website

Angela Rose’s Website

The Binding Project

PAVE’s Media Blog

Madison PAVE Chapter


I Can Do It Conference

Join PAVE at the I Can Do It Conference! Reconnect with your true self: This annual conference gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy a forum where each speaker offers the opportunity for spiritual and body enlightenment. Don’t miss this highly recommended and unforgettable experience. We are looking forward to meeting you there! Click Here for More Information

Shattering the Silence!

Documentary film-maker Lisa F. Jackson has brought awareness and voice to women suffering from systematic rape, kidnap and torture in the Congo.

Do your part to raise awareness this month about this violence!
Find out more about how to bring this film to your institution

New Article on False Reporting Released

The National Center for the
Prosecution of Violence
Against Women has recently published an article addressing false reporting.

Currently law enforcement and criminal prosecution in the U.S. is very low on sexual violence due to the strong belief that victims are falsley reporting. Up-to-date research indicates that the

rate of false reporting for sexual assault is in the range of 2-8%. Using these facts this article goes on to suggest improvements to prosecution and how to handle the few incidents of false reports.

To review the article yourself

click here

Call to Action

The organization 1 in 3 Women is creating a safety tool for women worldwide.

Since 1 in 3 women experience some form of violence in her lifetime this organization wants to make it easier for women to reach out.

1 in 3 Women is developing cosmetics that encase resource and awareness information for those seeking assistance from domestic violence. The resources will be in multiple languages and will include numbers, names, and addresses for getting help.

This tool can win $10,000 for creation if you vote today – it will be an "essential lifeline for womin living in an abusive relationship", says 1 in 3 Women.

Click here to Vote Today!

Help us "Shatter the Silence"


PAVE is a national 501(c)(3)nonprofit that uses social, educational, and legislative tactics to shatter the silence of sexual and domestic violence


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PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment

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One Response to “Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment”

  1. RIZI Says:

    Do SOMETHING FOR THE VICTIMS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN CONGO: help put pressure on president Kabila, the Congolese government and the Congolese Parliament to take urgent action to compensate victims of sexual violence crimes in East of DR Congo. The petition can be signed at

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