Is Oracle serious about hardware?

April 24, 2009

Just about the time you think it might be safe and the internet is slowly getting calm…I read something like this.  Did anyone read about Oracle acquiring the “SUN”….READ ON,  Lady J talks

Whitmore writes:

Both Cisco and Oracle have recently entered the server market. As a result, we expect competition to intensify significantly over the next few quarters. This is most negative for HP, Dell and to a lesser extent, IBM. While the market is not terribly attractive from a growth and margin perspective, it is still strategic to Cisco’s and Oracle’s broader datacenter opportunities.

In other words, servers will just be tacked on to other stuff. Whitmore also adds that Sun’s server business may require “incremental investment, or face more share loss.” Look for Oracle to do a little pruning before it blows any dough on Sun’s hardware business.

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Oracle buys Sun coverage:

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We are settled (almost ) in Texas.   At least we have our laptop up on the internet so we can begin some more work getting the word out to you all.  Miss talking to many of you so know we are back online so you can send your promotions to us now.  Lady J


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