News from Many Voices Press along with Many Thanks to all who helped out in October!

April 28, 2009

Dear Friends of MV,
Moving Forward – With Your Incredible Help!
And believe me, We need and deeply appreciate YOUR HELP!
Here in the MV office we’ve been going non-stop since our first
fund raising appeal last October, aiming to place MV in a
position of strength.  But (surprise!) the economy tanked…and
we find ourselves, once again, running on empty.
Many of you understand what it’s like to be financially stressed.
But MV was built on the belief that hope and struggle inspires
us to be better, work harder, and become more effective as
individuals and as a community.
We want all MV readers, regardless of your situation, to share
in our growth and recovery.  If you can help with money, bring
it on!  We need it!   But if you would like to help in a different
way- offering MV and its readers your time, ideas, and talents
– we feel honored that you find MV a suitable outlet for your
As you’ll see from our list of current actions and future plans,
we put your financial and volunteer assistance to immediate use.
Our overall goal is to pursue growth while keeping the quality
level of the newsletter equal-to or above our past 20 years of
success.  Let us know whether you think we’re doing our job,
and what we can do to improve our service to you!
Current Needs:  Most critical –PRINTING costs:
We’ve paid for the February print run, thanks to many new
subscriptions and help from Mark & Pegge Singer, Karen Y.,
Taffy G., Eve B., Laura &  Bill, Paula Ulrich, Beverly L,
Valeda M.,  Roberta D., Patrick McAteer SJ,
Kathleen Rapp LCSW, Ruth Blizard PhD, Sheryl T.,
Beverly S., Jeane A., and Sandi Fox. 
Freda T., Linda S., Wendy K, and Larry & Crystal M.D.
have assisted MV greatly via regularly scheduled payments.
This "regular income" helps MV and is perhaps easier
on the budget for the contributor that a big lump-sum donation. 
So please accept MV’s grateful thanks to ALL of you,
who’ve helped us out of the February Hole.  Now, of course,
we must contend with the APRIL Hole…Once again,
we need nearly $2,000 to cover printing and mailing
costs for April.  Our goal is to get back on track,
pay-as-we-go, as soon as possible.  Personally, I can’t wait!
We will be able to do so much more for our readers when MV’s
internal economy improves!
Critical Need #2 – D&O Insurance
Recently we received a quote for the Directors & Officers
Liability Insurance that is essential to attract top quality
professionals for our Board.  The quote is reasonable for
this sort of thing- slightly under $1050.  If someone knows
of a family foundation or other source that might donate
to fulfill this specific need, I’d be ecstatic.
Once we’ve signed onto this policy, we can recruit a clinician
or two for the Board and dive into grant-writing and other
fundraising solicitations with a credible slate of board members.
Pitching in for MV!  Our Fabulous Volunteers! 
So many people help make MV more viable these days. 
Over the coming months, you will notice the improvements
and service expansions they bring.  Among this list (& if I
omit your name, send me a note and I’ll be triple-sure to
include it next time around):  Paul T, Michael F. and
Mike Skinner have offered a number of valuable suggestions
to help grow MV’s services and upgrade content delivery. 
Book Reviews on the Site!
Paul T’s idea of posting reader-prepared book reviews on the
website is a perfect example.  Initially, these reviews
(you can write one!) will appear under the Other Books link,
though that may change when we finally get to our web redesign.
  In conjunction with this effort, Roberta D.  finished the
important task of researching ISBNs for the existing book
reviews in that location.  I still have work to do on this,
but in the end we hope to connect these reviews with a
bookseller like Amazon, so MV can earn a few pennies
via click-through.  Send your book reviews to me at
MORE Web Activity!
In addition to Paul, others involved in revamping our online
presence include Lady Jz (Jacki S.), Kelly E., Sonya M, and
MV’s top-notch IT specialist-volunteer, Steve Lyle.  Ray M
is using the web to research clinic and mental health o
rganization addresses.  We want every clinic in the country
to know that MV exist and is ready to help trauma survivors
find peace of mind.  That’s a big reason we want to start a
suitable e-newsletter…another task that we’re working on.
Debbie E., BD and Michael F. have helped us keep MV’s
website "fresh" by checking the entries under our Sharing link,
and adding their own replies.  This is a very important task
that almost anyone with a computer can help with!
Just click the Sharing Link at 
Reply to any question where you have an opinion. 
Even the oldest questions are updated, so there is plenty to r
ead through.
We want to keep adding opinions, because new visitors
who encounter MV for the first time are very interested
in the questions.  The more answers, the better!  Send yours soon!
Follow us on Twitter at manvoicesnews. 
I like the idea of Twitter: it seems like a simple way to keep
people aware of what’s happening at MV.  I’m trying to place
the code for a Twitter box on the index page, so everyone who
visits can see what’s happening.  I tried to do it myself,
but I’m not that skilled with Dreamweaver, and my efforts
made the index page look clunky.  I want the index page
to look GOOD.  Any Volunteers?
Help Spread the Word about MV
MV wants to educate the public about the after math of trauma.
  We are looking for outgoing and healthy volunteers to perform
this important function in their city or region.  Volunteers Jenn J.
  and Mike Skinner have led the way.  Both have passed out MV
literature to their constituents, made contacts, and helped MV
considerably by their efforts.  Jenn has contacted numerous
therapists and groups in her area.  She is a fountain of creativity,
constantly coming up with valuable ideas for future revenue streams.
  MV would love to have more helpers like this.
If you would like to speak about trauma recovery and MV,
or need literature to pass along to others, let me know. 
We’ll find a way to make it happen. 
Our wonderful Board Members- Glenda, Barbara, Bill, and Priscilla-
Just finished taking time out of their own busy schedules to
complete another board meeting.  Among other topics, we discussed
staging an art gallery showing and fundraising auction here in Cincinnati.
  If you are an artist who would like to contribute a piece of your
work toward an MV fundraiser, let me know.  We will need photos first
(email is ok) and dimensions of the work, to make preliminary selections.
  Since many of you are in as much financial stress as MV is, we are open
to splitting the revenues with the artist, up to and including 50% of the
auction sales price (less shipping).  The artist may wish to give us a
minimum price.  If bidding doesn’t surpass the artists’ minimum,
the artwork will be returned to the artist at MV’s expense. 
MV will pay shipping charges for all individually-solicited artworks.
Thanks to Cincinnati-area Volunteers
In addition to the hours and IT expertise contributions made
by our computer wonder-man Steve Lyle, MV appreciates the
dozens of hours donated to office work, by Adrienne Jackson,
Kwaeli Robinson, Corey Corsen and Jonada Jacobsen in recent weeks.
  I am a bit (more than a bit) disorganized, but these wonderful
women are helping me to shape up and put things back where they belong!
Thanks so much to all of you!  I’m hoping to see more local
volunteers after the tax season ends (Heather? are you listening?)
Well, once again I’ve run out of room.  But I hope you’ll
read through this carefully, and consider one or more
ways to help MV.  WE NEED YOU…we want to serve
you and all the others who have struggle so long. 
There is a better life for us…
but we have to work to bring it into reality. 
Than you for sharing your journey and progress with us a MV
Lynn W.,  Executive Director
from Lady Jz Talk Zone to any one out there who has struggled
in their lives and would love to be able to share their journey with
others and help.  Stop by and talk with me.  LadyJ

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