Thoughts for a new chapter in my life……

May 1, 2009

Using the heartache to help Others

Pain that we have felt in our lives when it comes to that inner story is one that permeates all of our lives to some degree.  These are from many hurts that have become part of our experiences and have touched me very deeply.  These are the pains that don’t hurt any more yet I find that the stories couldn’t just be let go.  Many professionals claim that it is just easier to keep that pain inside where it acts as a shield that shelters us from others and gives us an identity.  Of course they call it that of a victim.  From this the feel we draw bitter strength.  I beg to differ at this age.

I’m going to be 57 this August and though through this journey I have understood some of what they say is true, I also have developed my own truth that I’ve learned to live with.  I’m not unique in how I feel because thousands of people have read my words and agreed.  Many would love to do just as I am doing yet they are afraid to act better then they are.  I understand very well what they mean. 

In this society of professionals who agree that Multiples are a fact still think and counsel in the frame of mind that "they can fix us" "make us whole" and a hundred others ways I’ve heard and read that we can be "cured?"  only to listen/read so many emails and stories of what really happens down the road when our inner world once again breaks through.  They call it a break down I believe because that’s how they see it.  In my mind it’s a break through.  A releasing of those who have given us our very lives at times in our life where I would never have lived any other way.

I believe one step further then the idea that our kinship with others who have had similar life stories then the very old now ideas of channeling your pain.  I believe that we come into each others lives at the time we need to work through and remember our own lessons.  In ‘old age’ teachings "when the student is ready a teacher will appear"  and for me it’s been "when the teacher in me needs to remember a student always appears."  Thus my lessons in life prepared me to help another soul on the same life journey I am on. 

These are not "new age" teachings.  These teachings are as old as time itself.  The same messages repeated over and over again in every doctrine, religion, bible, prophet, and the list goes on.  The only thing that ever changes just as with those like myself, is the names, the faces, and the location that it happened.  If it is the first time you are hearing it, then it is part of your new age of thinking.  Those wonderful feelings you get when you read something in a book for the first time and that glow or warm feeling comes over you. 

At first you can’t get enough of it and you begin to search for it every place you can.  Sometimes in my life it’s become my next addiction.  Then in time when the words I wanted to read just weren’t forth coming I would slowly go back to my real life wondering if there was any hope of finding that peace staying for more then just this short time.

Those in certain communities, 12 step programs, congregations, assemblies have the same thing happen within them.  Some people can stay connected to that and continue to draw the forces from it.  I ask myself "why can’t I?" and the multitude of Multiples like me.  I know many who aren’t multiple do the same thing of "engage and withdraw" so it’s not unique to just me.  What is that one thing that keeps pulling my mind/body/spirit away from that source of energy and peace?  Why was it only when I was with like minds I felt like them? 

Everyone of us who is an Intuit and/or an Empath have answers to many of those questions.  And with each answer comes so many more questions.  I will share many of those questions with you as we continue.  I never need to share the answers because we all have them, or have heard them before.  It’s the questions that boggle my mind and it’s in asking the questions that others find their own answers.  That is what I have done all my life and the reward for me is when I see that light finally come into the eyes that have been dark for so long.  That is why Lady J talks. 


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