Nothing New Age about Kabbalah

May 8, 2009

Many people when they hear the word Kabbalah  first think of Religious teachings and/or prayer.  Yet it is truly neither of those.  I think of it as I’ve heard it is about What is in our hearts or what we believe in our soul.  It is a lesson plan, a guide, a journey into our spiritual nature that grows and transforms over our life time.  For me that has been so true.  As I renew my spirit and work towards those feelings I have not had in many years, things pass through my day that help to remind me of those earlier lessons that prompted some of my first changes in my life and my thinking. 
Raised in a good Catholic family in the 50’s I was taught through the Catholic schools the religious way of prayer which involved the Good and Bad parts of life and the pact you make with God to get what you wanted in life.  They taught me God always heard our prayer and answered accordingly.  It actually came down to a few concepts which I have heard in the films above that it became a bribery with God to no avail.  Wow! now that hits home I’m sure with many like myself who call themselves Recovering Catholics. 
The Kabbalah talks about events and actions are all good we just are not able to feel it that way until we have expanded our spirituality to a point where I understood the purpose of each event in my life.  Like many other teachings, books, thoughts of the day that helped me change my beliefs so that I could feel it’s purpose.  I found knowing things because I had read or learned them didn’t change the way I felt or the way the event made me feel.  For me I had pictures of my life and I never have the feelings that most professionals thought I needed to connect with.  Does that mean I was born with an advanced spirituality or did Dissociation play the total role in how I remember the event. 
I sensed that what happened to me was wrong yet I was taught from my childhood that I had to accept it all.  In my family of origin I was taught from a very young age that I asked for everything that happened to me that I perceived wrong.  Accepting that though I thought they were wrongs done to me and later learned from professionals that these were wrongs I still have never felt wronged by the events in my life.  Did I have an inner knowing even at a young age that this was part of something larger then my small world in which I lived.  Was I able to sense this on some level that others around me could not.  My challenge in life was to learn what reality was for me.  It was years later that I learned that it was lessons of life that would bring me to a special place of acceptance if only for brief times.
Learning that it was my choice on how events effected me went a long way to be able to live in a world that still to this day I read everyday about the same wrongs are being done to others.  By sharing I learned that I was able to make that step of another’s journey lighter in many ways.
I’m going to being a study of these teachings at the  and will let you know what I learn about myself.  a great video, please email me and let me know what you think…lj

just a thought for today and a new page in my life:


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