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May 22, 2009






Moving from the Trauma Train to the Joy Jet!

IMG_1829.JPGHello!  It was so great to see so many of you at the events this Spring and at the Army of Angels Conference.  I’ve been to a lot of conferences and the Army of Angels was my all time favorite. The angels are doing another one next year on the east coast.  I’ll keep you posted. The Army of Angels are people of every gender across all boundaries of race, religion, and political standing, who are committed to healing, awareness, strength and courage. They were inspired and empowered to make dramatic shifts in their lives and now work to make bigger strides forward and help others do the same. You can find them on Facebook if you search for Angela Shelton’s Army of Angels.  I love them! 

I have been on the road since March and am finally home again.  As many of you who are my Facebook friends know, I injured my back very badly as I was traveling so I haven’t sent out any updates in awhile. I lifted up a heavy piece of luggage and ended up having a herniated disk that shifted into a compressed disk. It is getting better without surgery, thank goodness, but it has been the worst pain of my entire life.  IMG_1878.JPGI was in a wheelchair for a few weeks, had to fly and do speaking engagements while bent over in a back brace, but I kept my sense of humor!

I was flying into Kansas City, MO to speak at the MOCSA event recently and my flight was canceled due to the fact that a cable was broken, causing the plane to have no brakes! Everyone on board lined up and was in a fuss to get on board the next flights out. I was unable to stand up so I couldn’t stand in line at all and had to sit and wait for another wheelchair when this lovely woman named Tammy offers to stand in line for me. She was able to get the last two seats on the next flight to Kansas.  We had to transfer in Washington, DC. When the skycab in DC literally pushed me to the curb and left me stranded there with no wheelchair and no help with my bags, Tammy was the one who found a wheelchair, got me and my bags safely to the next plane just in time and saved the day.  Sticking with the repeated message in Searching for Angela Shelton that everything happens for a reason, it turned out that Tammy works for Meet Up.com http://www.meetup.com/ where unlike other social networks, it is all about meeting in person in your community.  So she started an Army of Angels topic so that the angels out there can find each other and meet up in person!  Awesome! I love those little miracles.

IMG_2011On a more fun note, back brace or not, I just got off the set of this beautiful film. It is about a young girl who has narcolepsy and when she falls asleep she dreams about abused or kidnapped children and is able to help locate or save them.  I play her mother and I don’t believe her until the end. 

It has been a while since I’ve been able to be in front of the camera as an actress.  The last time was playing the part of the superhero Safe Side Superchick in the Safe Side video series. When I first moved to Hollywood I booked a TV pilot every year and did a few guest roles on shows like Chicago and Becker.  Since then a lot of things in my life have transpired from writing my life story about me and my mom in the film Tumbleweeds that I co-wrote to making my directing debut with my documentary Searching for Angela Shelton and the subsequent personal discovery and recovery work that that journey entailed!  I have certainly gained a much greater appreciation for the craft of acting and the whole process of filmmaking since my original acting debut in Hollywood.

Angela Shelton's Sword of Trauma Making my documentary and riding the wild train of the movement that it created certainly shook up my life.  It has made me more creative though, not to mention it made me face my demons and heal from my past which has made me move from sadness to a place of wisdom and that feels great.  It is a true pleasure to practice what I preach about getting off the trauma train and onto the joy jet and now having the affects of living a joyful life not only show up in my personal life but show up in my creative life too! This life of mine has been one wild ride and has so many more stories to tell!  I hope you enjoy the shows to come!

    Humor and Healing…

You can also watch this on Blip or watch it on YouTube

My events have transitioned from trauma to joy and keep getting funnier.  If you’d like to bring one of my events or a workshop to your community contact my mom at joann@angelashelton.com

I’m also putting together a private women’s group for those ready to move well past trauma and into joy financially as well as spiritually.  If you are interested in joining those calls email women@angelashelton.com

New Searching for Angela Shelton DVD

Peace and Love,

Angela Shelton

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The official version of Searching for Angela Shelton with fancy graphics and never-before-seen footage, Spanish subtitles, closed captioning and a director’s commentary is finally ready!  The title company is the only company that I have worked with over the past 8 years that has made it difficult for this little movie that could.  

Those of you who pre-ordered helped pay for the Spanish subtitles and closed captioning but the titles came back and didn’t work!  I have been working to get it all straight and now the DVD is ready to be duplicated!  Finally!  It looks great and the director’s commentary is hilarious. 

Now we are onto duplication and your pre-orders help get it out faster. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to this powerful movie that created a movement!  This has been one long difficult road with many hurdles but you have helped keep it going.

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New Searching for Angela Shelton DVD

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