Angela Shelton’s new DVD

July 2, 2009

The new DVD of Searching for Angela Shelton with all the bells and whistles is now at the duplication house! The titles and the post production have been paid for thanks to the loyal fans of this movie/movement. Thank you!

Please share this group with your friends and non-profits and tell them about the new DVD. The director’s commentary alone is worth owning the new one, plus there is never-before-seen footage. I’m signing the new DVD orders and shipping the first batch out myself so if you want a signed one or want to send it to a friend, do it now!
For those of you who know or run non-profits, the organizations who want to resell the DVD at their events can get 50% off when they use the code "resell" and order 100 or more.
Thank you for your support! This has continued for so long because of my fellow big-mouths! I love you, squish!



forwarded from facebook

The Search for Angela Shelton…

To members of Searching for Angela Shelton


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