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July 22, 2009

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Watch the movie for FREE!

Exciting news!  The new version of Searching for Angela Shelton is now viewable for free on Snag Films.   There is code on the SNAG site so that those of you with websites or blogs can share the movie too. This is perfect for rape crisis centers and support groups who have sites too.  You have permission, share it!  Please help spread the word and rate the film and add comments. The reason I did this was so that all of those who cannot afford to come to an engagement or buy the DVD can view the film. The more people who heal, the more we heal the world.  Healing is an act of revolution and the more it is not about me or you, but us, the more we affect transformation in the world.  Everything you do affects everything else, so do well!  I’m working on practicing what I preach and although we could all use more money right now, I think a free film to inspire you is perfect timing!

New Searching for Angela Shelton DVD

The version online is the new version with never-before-seen footage! After being at so many QandAs, I was able to re-edit and answer a lot of the questions in this new version. The new DVD that many of you have ordered is the one with all the bells and whistles!  It has Spanish subtitles, closed captioning for the hearing impaired, a director’s commentary and a lovely photo album that plays with one of the amazing songs when you put it in your DVD player. Yay! I am signing the first batch too. When I get 40 more orders, I can ship them out so thank you, thank you, thank you for spreading the movie for free and telling your friends, fans, and followers to get the new DVD. 

    Removing the Sword of Trauma

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  You can also watch this on YouTube or  The Survivor Manual

I love this new presentation!  I share my concept of trauma being similar to being pierced with a sword and take you through the process of acknowledging it, removing it, and then using the sword in your life with love. The best events are 1.5-3 hours long with a workshop. I just shared this with the SANE nurses in New Orleans and it was wonderful!  To bring me and my sword to your events contact my mom at  


Angela Shelton


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