Army of Angels

September 1, 2009

Angela Shelton August 28 at 12:55pm Reply

Hello Angels!
We’re gearing up for the organization of the 2nd annual Army of Angels Conference! Diann will probably be contacting everyone. The 1st one was amazing!!! I can’t wait to do it again. I need some help so let me know if any of you have any time to volunteer to spread the word and/or raise some cents (sense). 😉

We are continuing the mission of the Angela Shelton Foundation. We are a 501C3 and now is the time to organize it. Because the mission is to inspire and empower all survivors to heal and lead joyful lives, we are going to take  and  and boost those sites to a massive information pool with videos and info on getting off the trauma train and onto the joy jet. I have a new techie and will be feeling around for a programmer soon.

The drive that I have most of the footage on just failed. Fun! When you’re doing good things, there are always road blocks. Due to all the healing work I’ve done though I no longer freak out about it. I just smile and ask what is next? I need to raise the money to get all the footage recovered on it and to get a new 2TB drive so we can continue.

I put up this video for free to help spread the word about what the message is as well as inspire some gifts of cold hard cash. People finding their voices and getting out of the cycle of trauma is the number one goal, having that bring in some money to continue is a huge bonus!

Here are the links that you can share –

Also in order to get new eyeballs to the film, it is free now on Snag –
There is a workbook that goes with it to use in schools and support groups. It is usually 95 bucks – – but if you use the coupon "classroom" when you order it, you can get it for 24.95. So shhhhhh… feel free to share that among your friends and any place where they are utilizing or should be using the movie.
Because there’s a lot more to come!! This new movie Hawk Dances that I’m doing is just one amazing new thing!

forwarded from Lady Jz Talk Zone to you.  Support the people who are out here making a difference for all. 

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