Live Video Chats On healing coming

September 9, 2009






Live Video Chats on Healing coming!

Warrior Workbook

The Survivor Manual idea came to me after personally meeting thousands of survivors (many of you are on this list!) The goal is to provide ANSWERS to the myriad of questions that survivors face as well as ideas, inspiration, information, resources, healing techniques, and recommended reading, watching and doing. I’ll let you know as we get closer to the revamp.  If you are a writer, video or photo blogger or run an organization and would like to contribute articles, email me at

We are now doing an upgrade on the Survivor Manual and the Angela Shelton Foundation to create it into an online magazine for survivors.  Contributions are from myself, fellow activists, non-profits organizations, lawyers, professionals, healers, teachers, therapists, and survivor contributors that I know.  My hope is that survivors find the answers they need for whatever part of the path they are on. 

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I’ll be doing a live event that you can attend via the web this coming Sunday afternoon and will be posting about it on the Survivor Manual Facebook page as well as my personal page at

    Warrior Workbook

Warrior Workbook

The workbook was inspired by my Removing the Sword of Trauma event. It is for anyone who has ever experienced pain, survivors of abuse, warriors, advocates, loved ones, spouses, and supporters ready to move past pain and suffering and reclaim joy and happiness. Get off the Trauma Train and onto the Joy Jet because Joy and Violence cannot co-exist.

The Workbook is 117 pages long. DOWNLOAD the full version for 4.99 for a limited time only here:

It is already being used by therapists, support groups and teachers and it just now became available!  Download your copy and then join the live event on Sunday!  I’ll send out another update about when and where.  Can’t wait to live chat and see many of you in person as well!  I’ll be doing it from New Brunswick, NJ. 


Angela Shelton


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New Searching for Angela Shelton DVD

You can share the new version of Searching for Angela Shelton for FREE on Snag Films.


The version online is the new version with never-before-seen footage that answers many of the questions I received while on the road. The new DVD is the one with Spanish subtitles, closed captioning for the hearing impaired, a director’s commentary and a lovely photo album that plays with one of the amazing songs when you put it in your DVD player.  The DVD is now finished and waiting at the duplication house. I got the final invoice and am paying off the last $1800 so please share the link so we can get it paid off and shipped out ASAP. Thank you so much! 

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