I really enjoy reading his blogs.  Here’s another great one for you, LadyJ


Laughter is Spiritual Crack

Posted: 29 Oct 2009 04:39 PM PDT

That's Funny

Last night my wife and I met up with some friends for a great dinner and conversation. I love those times when you laugh so much your face hurts! It was the first time I’ve had a great steak in quite a while also. I mention the steak because my wife and I have been working hard on getting in shape for our upcoming trip to Cozumel in late November. We love SCUBA diving so we’re hoping that by getting in shape, we’ll not only look better, but won’t be so wiped out after a long day of diving. Oh, and I used to eat a lot of Ribeye’s with tons of fat on them…

Here’s my shameless plug (no affiliate links), but it’s really working! My wife and I are following the fitness tips found in the Vacation Body Blueprint, which is a free eBook you can get that outlines a basic routine for reducing body fat. We joined the gym on October 2nd and have been going 5 days a week since. It was slow going at first, but on October 13th I downloaded the eBook. At that point I weighed 183 lbs and was at about 24% body fat. As of this morning, I weigh 177 lbs and 20% body fat. I use a scale and a digital caliper to calculate body fat but I’m still not sure how accurate it is. But I can tell you, my pants are fitting better! The biggest key to loosing body fat, diet. Period. You need, on average, a calorie deficiency. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you can’t out exercise a bad diet.” If interested in my workout, I can post that in another post (let me know of you guys are interested in my workout and diet), or you can follow the link and get the Vacation Body Blueprint.

OK, back to laughter…

Rule #62: Never take yourself too seriously

I love laughter so much. It really is like spiritual crack for the soul. Early in my recovery from alcoholism, I spent as many hours as possible with fellow addicts and alcoholics also trying to get well. We laughed a lot! Most importantly, I learned how to laugh at myself. Like how I used to drink 1/2 a large bottle of citrus flavored Listerine a night while living in a sober house. Yes, Listerine. I mean what do you expect, I was an alcoholic living in a house which didn’t allow alcohol… citrus flavored Listerine at 21.6% alcohol is the next obvious choice right? I often joke that it gave me horrific heart burn, but my breath sure smelled great! Later on in treatment I discovered from the doctors I was lucky I didn’t go into kidney failure. I laugh about it now, and many of the other self-destructive things I’ve done to myself.

I was so desperate for relief from my haunting past, I would take notes of things that gave me temporary relief from my self-pity and remorseful thinking. I mean really simple things, like, “yesterday I went out to eat dinner with a bunch of friends, we laughed a lot and I felt much better.”  Next time I started feeling lonely and depressed, whether I felt like doing anything about it or not, I would get out my list and repeat one of the things I had written down.

Laughter is so powerful, that when laughing, nothing else in the world matters. I think I always knew this, but during times of heavy emotional stress, laughter can be extremely healing; if only for a temporary distraction. Sure, when you’re knee-deep in crap it can be hard to find something to laugh about, but try anyway. OH, and it helps to have friends that make you laugh. Too much laughing at yourself alone may be a little disturbing.

Two bananas are laying on their backs next to each other on a river bank enjoying a peaceful afternoon. Next thing you know, one of the bananas notices a log floating down the river. As the log get’s closer, the banana realizes there’s a turd sitting right there on top of the log as it floats by. He casually points it out to the other banana and says, “huh, you believe that shit?”

Got a quick joke? Leave one in the comments!! (and try to be at least PG-13 please)

photo credit: ehpien

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Hello Lady J  🙂
Thank you for inquiring about our books!!! 
Here is some information for you—
Sandra Potter
CEO & Founder




The Child Abuse Survivor Project (Paperback)

display_thumbnailphp1.jpg picture by sandrapotter

by Donna M. Kshir (Author), Sandra Potter (Author)

.. 5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (2 customer reviews)..

List Price: $21.16

Editorial Reviews

Product Description
The Child Abuse Survivor Project is intended to help men, women and children who have been affected by child abuse by publishing real stories of real abuse. These emotional stories detail personal acts of extreme mental, emotional, physical and sexual childhood abuse and the overwhelming impact it has on one’s life. The Child Abuse Survivor Project is a community social action project. It recognizes the adversity which those victimized by child abuse have survived and validates their heroic resilience to the abuse they suffered. We want to honor the strength, spirit and courage of abuse survivors by empowering them to speak out against the abuse they have endured at the hands of their abusers. Our goal is to make this project one of healing, validation and inspiration to others. Join the survivors who have found the courage to speak out, along with a voice to end their suffering by sharing their story, all in hopes of helping others affected by abuse.

Product Details

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by Donna M. Kshir (Author), Sandra Potter (Author)

5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (2 customer reviews)
Price: $19.92

display_thumbnailphp.jpg picture by sandrapotter

Editorial Reviews

Product Description
Only two weeks into her marriage Danica began to see her relationship with Tyler in a whole new light. Tyler wasn’t the same man he was before they married. She noticed there was something different about him. He was more controlling, desperate and hid behind a mask of anger and rage. Tyler soon began hitting on Danica which in turn escalated into beatings. Like others before her, she is faced with the fear of embarrassment. The fear of having people know that she, too, is a domestic violence victim would inevitably show her followers that she was weak. Danica’s secret story was finally revealed after a detailed account of her dramatic story of domestic violence was found in a journal in her attic. This powerful story takes our reader through the vicious cycles of abuse, and the brutal reality of the effects domestic violence has and what cost Danica her life.

Product Details




Child Abuse Book Endorsed by Amber Child Safety & The Tiponi Foundation:

By Sandra Potter & Donna M. Kshir United States of America Contact publisher via email

Home and Family: Parenting September 29, 2009

Shedding light on this controversial book is an editorial review and Dreamcatcher endorsement from Mr. Tad A. Camp, the CEO of Amber Child Safety, LLC and the Director, The Tiponi Foundation, Inc.


(Free-Press-Release.com) September 29, 2009 —

When authors Donna M. Kshir and Sandra Potter released, "The Child Abuse Survivor Project" controversy immediately surfaced believing the writing duo crossed the line by not only exposing abusers and their vindictive ways, but profiting on other people’s pain. Regardless of the opinion, skepticism or criticism, the book is both hard hitting and successful.
Kshir and Potter know firsthand the only way to fight child abuse is to deter those who abuse children by exposing the real truth behind the secrets they use to lure innocent children into their deceitful web. They also believe the public needs to know how manipulative and cruel abusers can be, how to fight back, and how to survive. As child abuse advocates they strongly believe education and knowledge is the key to prevention.
Throughout it all there has been one shining light through the tunnel of darkness, shedding light on this controversial book is an editorial review and Dreamcatcher endorsement from Mr. Tad A. Camp, the CEO of Amber Child Safety, LLC and the Director, The Tiponi Foundation, Inc.
Camp stated, "If you think horror stories only come from Hollywood, you have another thing coming.
"The Child Abuse Survivor Project contains true tales of abuse and the will to overcome as told by those who lived through unimaginable horrors. Reading this book, I found myself going through a wide range of emotions. I felt the sorrow, confusion, betrayal and desperation of the victims and rage against the monsters that inflected so much pain.
"In reading their stories, you will get a glimpse of the real monsters. These monsters did not come from some swamp or outer-space and they don’t attack teenagers on a camping trip. These monsters live next door and attack the most innocent among us…our children."
Camp added, "I highly recommend this book to all parents and anyone who works with children so they can get a full understanding of the very real dangers that children face."
Regardless of the ongoing controversy, Kshir and Potter never lost focus of their goal; educating the public on the signs, symptoms and long term effects of abuse.
Kshir who is best known for her controversial opinion stated, "Regardless what anyone thinks or believes our goal is to help children. I thank God every day that neither myself nor my children have ever been affected by abuse, but just because I have personally not been affected… doesn’t mean I will close my eyes and pretend child abuse doesn’t exist.
"I don’t see how anyone can close their eyes or pretend child abuse does not exist when it is alive and stronger than ever. Statics are higher than ever before. Abusers are educated on how to manipulate children, and parents and children lack such a hardcore education.
"Regardless of anyone’s opinions or beliefs, abusers are usually well-known and liked by both you and your child. Abusers can be a parent, relative, family friend, teacher, or anyone. They can be a man or woman, married or single. They can hold any religious belief, and have any sexual preference.
"Education or intelligence doesn’t prevent them from molesting your child. Abusers can be a stable, employed, and a respected member of the community. They easily convince your child they are responsible for their wrongful behavior. They may threaten your child with physical violence against them, you, a pet, or loved one. They are good at manipulating children causing that child protect them.
Kshir added, "I will never understand how or why people remain silent and voiceless, and allow child abuse to continue. What are we as a society going to do about it? How are we going to educate and protect our children or end child abuse if the issue remains unspoken? The only option we have is to educate our children at an early age, so the cycle of abuse does not continue, and regardless what anyone says, thinks or believes that is exactly what Sandra (Ms. Potter) and I intend to do."
The writing duo also released, "Unnecessary Roughness: Til death do us part…" This powerful story takes our reader through the vicious cycles of abuse, shattered dreams, broken promises and the brutal reality of the deadly effects of domestic violence. Both books are available at Amazon.com.
Potter is the CEO and Founder of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, and Kshir was recently promoted from the Marketing Director to the President of Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, which is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 child abuse organization.
A spokesperson for Kshir and Potter stated, the writing duo will release a second series of educational abuse books in January 2010.
child abuse, survivor, domestic violence, Kshir, Potter

For more information:



If you think horror stories only come from Hollywood, you have another thing coming.
“The Child Abuse Survivor Project” contains true tales of abuse and the will to overcome as told by those who lived through unimaginable horrors. Reading this book, I found myself going through a wide range of emotions. I felt the sorrow, confusion, betrayal and desperation of the victims and rage against the monsters that inflected so much pain.
In reading their stories, you will get a glimpse of the real monsters. These monsters did not come from some swamp or outer-space and they don’t attack teenagers on a camping trip. These monsters live next door and attack the most innocent among us…our children.
I highly recommend this book to all parents and anyone who works with children so they can get a full understanding of the very real dangers that children face.

Tad A. Camp
CEO, Amber Child Safety, LLC
Director, The Tiponi Foundation, Inc.

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(Wo)Men Speak Out’s Blog

Tyler Perry Breaks The Silence

Posted: 26 Oct 2009 03:56 PM PDT

You may know Tyler Perry from many of the films he’s produced, directed, and starred in over the years. It seemed like every year I would see a new Tyler Perry movie coming out of the box office. I can’t say that I have seen any of them, though he is a clear success story being one of the highest paid men in Hollywood.

Tyler Perry – Survivor

What I did see on 60 Minutes recently was the startling admission that, like myself, he is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The reason why this is shocking isn’t that he IS a survivor of abuse. The statistics show indeed how common abuse is in our culture, with 1 in 4 women being victims of abuse before the age of 16 and 1 in 6 men.

What is of note is that Tyler Perry is a high profile black man admitting that he was abused as a child. It’s the coming out that has always been hardest for us men. One of the basic virtures of early manhood is being able to successfully defend yourself from harm. For male victims it is this perceived failure that is sometimes the hardest thing to come to terms with.

Tyler is coming to terms with this specter that has hovered over his life for so long. He spoke of a friends mother who molested him as a child. She locked him in their house and only provided the key to leave if he ‘had sex’ with her. Tyler later shared additional details about living with a physically abusive father. After his admission, his father passed along the message to Tyler that “…If I had beat your ass one more time you probably would have been Barack Obama.”

You may be horrified by that comment. Yet, its so telling of how parents so often confuse discipline with outright abuse. Or maybe it’s just his fathers way of rationalizing the abuse and suffering he inflicted on his defenseless children.

These admissions from public figures are inspiring and courageous but to people who want to make real change in our society we can’t leave it at that. We have to explore the questions raised by the personal accounts from survivors of abuse.

I was always a big fan of the comedian Richard Pryor growing up. He would often compare men with women, and how black culture differed from white culture. He once mentioned quite fondly about the time his father gave him an especially violent physical beating because he came home after his curfew. The audience laughed. Pryor’s genius was in being able to make his misery funny. I have all of Pryors tapes. I think he’s the most gifted comedian, yet I never laughed at those jokes.  Pryor joked on how it taught him character and professed his admiration to his father for making him hard.

It made me wonder. How can any physical beating ever be a point of pride in any culture, any society? What extremes and rationalizations are parents willing to employ to make sure they have well behaved children?  What should our response be when this is too often the message we are sending in our society?

I may have not known about Tyler Perry’s admission if I had not known about his work with a new movie coming out called Precious. It’s about the struggle of a 16-year-old survivor of abuse. You don’t see too many films about abuse streaming out of the Hollywood lot. This is one of them. Go see it on November 6th.

And remember, there is courage in breaking the silence, but change only comes when we decide to respond to the brave stories of those like Tyler Perry.  How do you plan on responding?



I felt a sense of victory and triumph when the PROTECT Our Children Act of 2008 was passed.  Now that Congress won’t fully-fund it a year later I’m sending this out to just about everyone I can think of who might care and pass this on.  So I’m forwarding this to over 200 of you in hopes that you’ll not only contact your representatives but also forward it to anyone who you think might do the same.  Keep this going.  The passing of this act was a huge step in the right direction toward protecting our children.  Lets now work together in the fight to ensure the funding is there to enforce it.

Much Thanks & Hope Sent,
Joanna M. Doane

"Because joy and violence cannot coexist!"  ~ Angela Shelton
Army of Angels




What’s going on?… When PROTECT and Oprah Winfrey organize over 500,000 angry Americans to help pass the PROTECT Our Children Act of 2008, yet Congress won’t fully-fund it a year later?

What’s going on?… When our government knows where hundreds of thousands of child pornography traffickers are, yet it won’t give law enforcement the funding to do anything about them?

What’s going on?… When America has the technology to locate and rescue little boys and girls who are victims of sexual predators, yet those children remain in peril?

What’s going on is politics as usual, and that has to change now! In the next few days, Congress will be negotiating a bill deciding next year’s funding for the Justice Department (FY10 CJS Appropriations bill). At stake are millions in funding for the ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) child rescue teams — funding which would protect countless thousands of children.

But some powerful Members of Congress are blocking the progress that PROTECT, parents of abducted children and Oprah Winfrey fought so hard for.

Tell them they’re wrong! Please act right now, and ask everyone you can to do the same. You’ll really be proud you did.

–David Keith




Copyright © 2009 National Association to Protect Children. All rights reserved.
National Association to Protect Children | P.O. Box 27599, Knoxville, TN 37927 | www.PROTECT.org

Beyond the Tears

October 29, 2009


Project for TEARS: Telling Everyone About Rape & Suicide Bulletin

Posted by Lynn C. Tolson

Excerpt paraphrased from Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor’s Story by Lynn C. Tolson
Not long after the marriage ceremony, my new husband, Todd, wanted to buy land in Chandler, Arizona. He said we could get rich quick on the land while living cheap in a trailer. I was only twenty-one, and I objected to moving out of Tempe, away from my Arizona State University campus friends. Todd threw fits, until it seemed easier to comply with his wishes than to confront his temper. So we moved deep into the desert, past the dairy farm and the rodeo arena, where the alfalfa fields were newly zoned for mobile homes.

It was too far to commute to classes, so I withdrew. My best friends from campus, Scott and Cathy, telephoned to say they wanted to visit. I made excuses: “It’s not a good day. Todd worked later than usual last night. He’s still sleeping.” “It’s not a good time. I have to go to the doctor.” “It’s not a good year. I am very, very busy.” I was not avoiding seeing them; I was avoiding them seeing me.

A year went by. I did not return to college. I had not seen my friends. One afternoon Cathy called and insisted on visiting. Despite my excuses, they were not about to let a desert monsoon keep them away. Scott and Cathy pulled up while a dust storm was developing. As I stood outside, hollering “hello” above the noise of the rattling aluminum awning, a gust of wind literally blew me down.

“Lynn, you’re as thin as a reed!” The wind flipped my shorts like a sail, revealing the bruises on my thigh.
Scott asked, “Are you all right?”
“I’m all right,” I lied.
We made small talk while watching dust devils that looked like tiny tornadoes flitting across the terra firma. Cathy and Scott were saying goodbye. “We’re moving to Utah. We’ll write.” As Cathy moved toward me, I stepped back, resisting her outstretched arms because my body experienced pain with an embrace. Todd had swatted me often enough that my body no longer recognized the difference between a hard hit and a warm hug. I had lost contact with my friends; I could not confide in them. There was nothing left to say.
“Lynn, you take care of yourself, okay?”
“Yeah, sure.” I was sure that another friendship bit the dust.

I’d already been isolated from support systems when I married him, and that made it easier for him to marry me. (That’s another story.) The point of this article is isolation by the abuser in a relationship or as the relationship is developing so he can assert and sustain control. You might consider this theme as you are dating again in mid-life, or when your children are dating.

The isolation may seem benign at first: He may make snide remarks about her family, but say he was only joking. In second, third marriages, when a potential abuser wants to possess her, he may deride her children from a previous marriage. The isolation escalates when he suggests or insists that she work from home, or not at all. She loses contact with her co-workers. He may initiate arguments with her choice of religion; no faith pleases him, and he refuses to let her worship at church without him. She becomes completely dependent on him for a world view. His perspective infiltrates her perspective until her opinion of herself is diminished to reflect only his opinion; his reality becomes her reality. He lets her know she is useless, helpless, worthless, and nothing without him. She loses her self to him, her insight, intuition, and instinct. He owns her. Just one year later, the question is, “Who am I? How did this happen?”
If you are dating again, or if you have a daughter, niece or friend on the dating scene, these are just a few of the signs of isolation to be wary of.

She rarely goes out without her partner
He unilaterally controls every aspect of a date
She is restricted from seeing family and friends
He controls who they see, when, where, and for how long
Showing support for someone you suspect might be manipulated into isolation by an abuser may even save a life. Use your knowledge as power, and you don’t want anyone to take your power from you! No amount of false romance is worth losing your authentic self.

Lynn C. Tolson
Cause Creator

View Bulletin on Facebook | Leave a Comment | Go to Cause | Invite Friends

Causes Privacy Policy | Causes Address: PO Box 492, Berkeley, CA 94708 United States
Tip: Add "no-reply@causes.com" to your address book to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities to change the world.

InWard Bloom

October 27, 2009

A Little of This . . . A little of That

Followers   A wonderful writer from my authors den, Lady J

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Jerry Pat Bolton
I was born down south of that imaginary line. I loved it. I hated it. I left it. I returned. I love it again. I’m not as old as I hope to get, but still, I am far from being young. The clock is ticking, the wallpaper is drying,(metaphor for Jerry, eh? Y’all knew that though, didn’t you? My brain cells are crumbling and I reckon it is now or never. Wasn’t that a song back in the dark ages? Now or Never? I live to write and yes, I write to live.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

God Is Not the Source of Evil

I wish to thank all the ones who have tried to help me in this frustrating search for the answer to a simple question. While the question’s answer has remained, until yesterday, elusive to me. I want especially thank Christine Alwin on Authors Den who delivered the mechanism that liberated me.

Thank you, Christine.

God Is Not the Source of Evil

For years I’ve posed the question to God
Why do children have to suffer so much
Cancer, abuse, and much more
I’ve wondered about this for most of my life
Goes back to when I was a small boy
A teenager who lived nearby
Backed over his baby brother in the yard
The teenager, in shock, ran off into the woods
Took two days before they found him
I guess I’ve been posing my question in many way
Orally or through poetry I’ve asked
Began a novel to uncover the answer
Hoped to settle the question once and for all
I still may write the book
The slant will just be different
I have friends who have tried to help
All in all they failed
I’ve been sent books
Video’s of preacher’s touching on the subject
None of it washed with me
None of it addressed the children problem
Just went on and on about "original sin"
Its blemish on humanity
My last poem I posted on AD
"Life’s Sonnet #11"
Addressed my concerns again
Someone commented on the poem
Said she might be able to help with my quest.
Yesterday she sent a video
I put it on
Began to watch
After five minutes I decided
It was going to be like the rest I’ve seen
Was NOT going to concentrate on innocent children
Rather the suffering of mankind in general
Still, I left it running
As I did a few household chores
Half listening
It was as I was washing up a few dishes
That I heard a phrase
Which damned near floored me.
God is not the source of evil
I, we, and they, have been asking the wrong question
There is a war going on
Earth is its battleground
Satan has His own ways to fight
Deep down and dirty
That lesson I seem to have forgotten
So it seems have many others
Even those who are supposed to know
And understand the answer
I have asked so many people "the" question
Over the years
One clergyman hum-hawed
On the phone
Said he would get back to me
Probably the most asked question
Of God that there is
He had nothing to say to me about it
That was over two months ago
He has never "gotten back to me"
That one phrase
God is not the source of evil
Explained it better than thousands of
Theological summaries ever could
Everything became vividly clear
That one phrase begat another phrase
God gave us choices
Though that does not address the innocent
For they have no choice
Still, it took on a whole different meaning
Than it used to
After I finished with the dishes
That phrase running through my mind
I came back to the computer
Sat there staring at it
As though I expected God to speak to me through it
I finally realized He had already spoke to me
In as clear and understandable a voice as
He possibly could
It was to me what
The Burning Bush was to Moses
I went to bed last night
This on my mind
I awoke this morning
This on my mind
I have a feeling it will stay on my mind
Influencing my thinking
Until I am no longer able to think
October 21, 2009 / Jerry Pat Bolton

Posted by Jerry Pat Bolton at 8:57:00 AM

LadyJtalks said…

Some times it takes what it takes and asking the right person at the right time always helps. I too believe that God is not the source of anything but love and light. About the choice and children, would it help to understand (as it is written) that he knows everything that will happen in your life and watches over all. In my life I have come to feel good about the soul that goes to heaven after we are done here on this earth and plans to come back and witness a new lesson for God that advances our soul more. Good or Bad we are all here for that. Doesn’t have to make sense most days and I did often wonder in my early days why I picked this way of life. yet today it defines my beliefs in many ways and there was a purpose to it all. Wish I could catch you more, you are always an insight. LadyJ

October 24, 2009 8:06 PM

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October 23, 2009

The Shadow and The Man
By Kimmie Rose Zapf’s Son – Christopher

This is from my son Christopher. He asked that I share this with everyone. He asked me to reach out to each of you to mirror a truth inside of most of us. He plays baseball for his school and is a strong believer in truth, intention and acceptance of self.

–Kimmie Rose
The Shadow and The Man
Christopher Reid Kerekes

A shadow of a man is cast from a dim light in an empty room. It wants to be part of him, but can never seem to leave the darkness. It follows him, envies him, and will stop at nothing to be him. In this shadow, there is no truth, only representations of whom this man used to be. Cornering him in every obstacle of life, making him choose… always making him choose, until there is no choice left but to fear. To fear that he will make a mistake, fear that he will not be perfect, and fear that he will lose the person he cares for most. So he lies, and deceives, the very recipe that seeps through the shadow making it strongest, making it so close to becoming real…

Then once again, it begins to fade, and the darkness slowly diminishes. The truth has crawled from the depths and out of hiding. The man has found his soul, and though he was lost, he has still prevailed over the shadow. And in this ongoing battle, the truth has never failed. The man now knows it is time to let go, leaving the shadow a broken figment of something that was never real, and only to remember what it almost had. The power to leave what it thrives on behind, and to leave the darkness for good. We humans are capable of beautiful things.

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October 24, 2009