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October 25, 2009

Haunted Happenings!

Halloween fun is lurking around every corner in Southeast Michigan through Oct. 31st. Click on the haunted house for a list in the area!

It’s apple season too in Michigan, and our state’s orchards and cider mills are open for business.Click here to find a cider mill.

October 23, 2009

The Shadow and The Man
By Kimmie Rose Zapf’s Son – Christopher

This is from my son Christopher. He asked that I share this with everyone. He asked me to reach out to each of you to mirror a truth inside of most of us. He plays baseball for his school and is a strong believer in truth, intention and acceptance of self.

–Kimmie Rose
The Shadow and The Man
Christopher Reid Kerekes

A shadow of a man is cast from a dim light in an empty room. It wants to be part of him, but can never seem to leave the darkness. It follows him, envies him, and will stop at nothing to be him. In this shadow, there is no truth, only representations of whom this man used to be. Cornering him in every obstacle of life, making him choose… always making him choose, until there is no choice left but to fear. To fear that he will make a mistake, fear that he will not be perfect, and fear that he will lose the person he cares for most. So he lies, and deceives, the very recipe that seeps through the shadow making it strongest, making it so close to becoming real…

Then once again, it begins to fade, and the darkness slowly diminishes. The truth has crawled from the depths and out of hiding. The man has found his soul, and though he was lost, he has still prevailed over the shadow. And in this ongoing battle, the truth has never failed. The man now knows it is time to let go, leaving the shadow a broken figment of something that was never real, and only to remember what it almost had. The power to leave what it thrives on behind, and to leave the darkness for good. We humans are capable of beautiful things.

Your Weekly Horoscope from Rev. Linda Newman
Follow the link for your weekly horoscope from Linda Newman – a third generation astrologer, wholistic wellness practicioner and mystic student. 

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