What ever happen to “Protect Our Children” …

October 29, 2009



I felt a sense of victory and triumph when the PROTECT Our Children Act of 2008 was passed.  Now that Congress won’t fully-fund it a year later I’m sending this out to just about everyone I can think of who might care and pass this on.  So I’m forwarding this to over 200 of you in hopes that you’ll not only contact your representatives but also forward it to anyone who you think might do the same.  Keep this going.  The passing of this act was a huge step in the right direction toward protecting our children.  Lets now work together in the fight to ensure the funding is there to enforce it.

Much Thanks & Hope Sent,
Joanna M. Doane

"Because joy and violence cannot coexist!"  ~ Angela Shelton
Army of Angels




What’s going on?… When PROTECT and Oprah Winfrey organize over 500,000 angry Americans to help pass the PROTECT Our Children Act of 2008, yet Congress won’t fully-fund it a year later?

What’s going on?… When our government knows where hundreds of thousands of child pornography traffickers are, yet it won’t give law enforcement the funding to do anything about them?

What’s going on?… When America has the technology to locate and rescue little boys and girls who are victims of sexual predators, yet those children remain in peril?

What’s going on is politics as usual, and that has to change now! In the next few days, Congress will be negotiating a bill deciding next year’s funding for the Justice Department (FY10 CJS Appropriations bill). At stake are millions in funding for the ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) child rescue teams — funding which would protect countless thousands of children.

But some powerful Members of Congress are blocking the progress that PROTECT, parents of abducted children and Oprah Winfrey fought so hard for.

Tell them they’re wrong! Please act right now, and ask everyone you can to do the same. You’ll really be proud you did.

–David Keith




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