P.A.V.E news letter for the fall

November 10, 2009


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PAVE Newsletter

Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence

October 2009

In this Issue

:: Rape Is Rape Protest a Success

:: Angela Rose’s East Coast Tour

:: Documentary on a Male Survivor

:: New Empowering Book

:: Rape at Halliburton

:: Advanced Showing of Precious

:: Upcoming PAVE Events

:: Nominate a Survivor

:: 12th Anniversary of the Million Women March

:: Action Alert: Billy’s Law

Dear Jacki m,

PAVE shatters the silence of sexual violence through social awareness, educational outreach, and legislative efforts. By being both prevention and awareness focused, PAVE works on all fronts to end sexual violence affecting men, women and children throughout the globe.
We use education and action to challenge cultural norms that encourage violence and ignore the spectrum of sexual abuse.  We create an awareness and response to any injustices victims, survivors and their communities suffer.
You’re invited to join this important work – learn more today!

Rape Is Rape Protest
Nation-Wide Support for Survivors
PAVE thanks all those who came out October 10, 2009 to protest supporters of Polanski and demand that all perpetrators be accountable for their sexually violent crimes.
Nearly 50 cities across the United States and Canada rallied to support survivors and encourage their communities to

sign a petition.

Read Jaclyn Friedman’s article We are All Polanski’s Victim.

This was a success due to your responses in only 10 days – we thank you. We had media coverage from coast to coast.

Executive Director Update
Angela’s East Coast Tour
Angela Rose, PAVE’s Founder and Executive Director, spent most of October in New York and Washington DC spreading the message of empowerment, education, art and action.
She spent time in Washington DC at the Military Sexual Assault Taskforce meetings, spoke in Radford University, University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and created grassroots action on the streets of New York City. 

More here.

GabeMale Survivor Empowerment
Take Back the Night

Our very own Male Empowerment Director, Gabe Wright, will be taking a huge leap of faith and courage into an empowering journey that will take him back to the very site of his rape "exactly" 12 years ago this November 13th for the first time since then. 
He will be traveling to Hickory, NC November 10-13th to site where his attack took place. With support through the local college

Lenoir Rhyne University and the local Catawba County Rape Crisis Center there will be a Take Back The Night week of events to shatter the silence of sexual violence within the campus community.
This trip will become a documentary entitled "Shattering the Silence: An Empowering Perspective into the Life of a Deaf Male Survivor of Sexual Violence". This video will be used to create awareness and support for Male Survivors. This empowering footage will end at the site of Gabe’s attack with a candlelight vigil for Take Back The Night.

Advocacy and the Arts
DePaul Law School Event

PAVE wants to thank

DePaul Law School in Chicago, Illinois for putting on an amazing event called:
Advocacy, Expression, and Education: Exploring Human Rights Through the Arts
It was an inspiring event to see what is being done both nationally and internationally in the arts to promote human rights. Here is a summary of the event and its agenda.
A special thanks to PAVE’s International Faith Director Jaime Gill who served as a panel moderator for this event!

Living For Today
Empowering New Book
Tackling head-on the ugly world of incest,

Living for Today: From Incest and Molestation to Fearlessness and Forgiveness by Erin Merryn is a call to action for abuse victims and those who love them.
Living for Today chronicles Erin’s journey of unearthing of private shame and letting go of guilt to become the mouthpiece of millions in her generation.
Through her compelling narrative, readers will learn how they, too, can:
  – Look forward in spite of an abusive past
  – Block off guilt from outing an abuser
  – Deal with inter-family strife as a result of incest and molestation
  – Replace a "victim" tag with one that reads "survivor"
Erin Merryn is the author of Stolen Innocence, a memoir about incest. She graduated in May 2009 with a Master’s degree in Social Work from Aurora University. A leading participant in Take Back the Night, her goal is to raise awareness of abuse in order to end the stigma and silence.
Look for a quote from PAVE’s Angela Rose on the back of this new book!!

Franken Amendment
Halliburton’s Policy on Rape

Jamie Lee Jones was brutally gang raped by fellow workers at Halliburton in Iraq. Upon reporting she was locked up for about a day until being allowed to call home. See her testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.
When she tried to take action against her perpetrators and the company that locked her up she found her avenues for justice had been blocked. The evidence from her case was taken by Halliburton and her contract with them required arbitration for cases of sexual harassment and rape.
The Senate voted this month on the Franken Amendment which would prohibit defense contractors from requiring arbitration in cases of rape or sexual harassment. The amendment passed 68-30; read more here.
For updates on her case, please follow:

Pre-Screening of Precious
Advance Showing

PAVE is supporting the advance screening of
PRECIOUS, which is based on the novel

Push by Sapphire.

PAVE will be present at the advanced screening here in Chicago at the AMC 600 Theatre on Monday, November 2nd at 7pm.

Learn more about the movie that inspired Tyler Perry to publicly shatter the silence:

Join Team Ten: Host a Listening Party
Date: November 2009
Location: Your Home
Purpose: Critically acclaimed poet

Steven Connell wrote and performed extremely moving pieces about shattering the silence of sexual violence. Invite 10 of your friends over to hear the exclusive recording.

Upcoming Events

2010 Stop Violence Against Women Day

Date: January 26, 2010 8am-2pm

Location: Start at Central Presbyterian Church

201 Washington St., SW, Atlanta, GA 303

Purpose: Will have a lightbreakfast than ove the the state capital rotunda for a rally at nooon

Summit on Violence and Abuse in Relationships

Date: February 28-29, 2010

Location: Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, Maryland
Purpose: Unite the science, service and policy surrounding issues of violence prevention
More Info

Amnesty International’s Art Festival
Date: April 23-25, 2010
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
Purpose: An arts and human rights festival is a powerful manner of bringing cultural organizations and businesses together, as well as highlighting the highest possibilities of the American social and political spheres.
Event Website
Sophia 2010 World Conference
Date: May 25-29, 2010
Location: Bulgaria
Purpose: PAVE is uniting international to co-chair the committee for Ending Violence and Human Trafficking.
Learn more here

Nominate a Survivor
Male Survivors and Allies
MaleSurvivor is accepting nominations for the following awards:
· Faye Honey Knopp Memorial Award
· Howard Fradkin Award for Creative Survivor Support
· Richard Gartner Award for Clinical Contribution
· Mic Hunter Award for Research Advances
· Mark Crawford Advocacy Award
· The Ken Singer Award for Preventive Intervention
Awards will be presented at:

12th International Conference
March 19 – 21, 2010
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
New York City, NY
E-mail nominations to:
Please include your contact information in the email along with a short narrative of the reason you are nominating the recipient. If available, please include the contact email and/or phone number for the nominee.

Million Women March
March to Movement
This October 25th marked the anniversary of the largest gathering in the world of any women anywhere and the unprecedented coming together of women of African decent from all walks of life.


The 12th Anniversary of the Million Woman March was the official kicking off a global campaign to address any and all violence against black females, such as murder,rape, molestation, exploitation, discrimination, stalking, battering, kidnapping, trafficking, etc. 

To get involved in this global campaign please attend "The International Summit and Rally to Fight Violence and Abuse of African Women and Girls Worldwide" this May in Washington, D.C. At that many community leaders from North America and parts of African will gather cultivate greater awareness, training, support information, analysis, and preparedness to impact the crisis that faces the African World Family.

To obtain more information please e-mail:

nationalmwm@aol.com or call 267-636-3802  

Excerpts from the Million Women March.

Action Alert
Billy’s Law – Help Find the Missing
Help Find the Missing Act, known as Billy’s Law, has been introduced to Congress and needs your support to help it get passed.
Jan Smolinski has received the "Green Light" on getting the word around the country and is asking EVERYONE to please call their Congressmen and plead for them to co-sponsor this all important bill.
Learn more about

Billy’s Law and sign the petition to show your support.
"The more cosponsors we get, the more likely Congress will vote on the bill. Representatives are more likely to cosponsor the bill if constituents call (or write) and ask them to! They can leave a general message or ask to speak with the Judiciary staffer."
Get involved with a community dedicated to bringing peace for victims and families of the missing: http://peace4missing.ning.com/

New PAVE Affiliates

The Hope of Survivors – Effingham, Illinois

Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA) – Kansas City, Missouri

The Rape Crisis Center – Las Vegas, Nevada

Center Against Domestic & Sexual Abuse, Inc. – Superior, Wisconsin

One in Three Women – Seattle, Washington

South Carolina Victim Assistance Network – Columbia, South Carolina

Speaking Out About Rape (SOAR) – Orlando, Florida

Sexual Violence in the Media
The topic of sexual violence is frequently in the media both nationally and internationally. Part of shattering the silence is reading and responding this news. PAVE encourages you to write a

letter to the editor or comment on blogs covering the article, such as PAVE Voices.
International News
New York Times article: In a Guinea Seized by Violence, Women Are Prey
Domestic News
CNN feature: Tyler Perry Shatters the Silence
TIME Magazine Article: What Women Want Now – The State of the American Woman
US News: Eve Ensler named one of America’s Best Leaders in 2009
Huffington Post article: Rape Victim’s Choice: Risk AIDS or Health Insurance?
Women’s E-News Feature: Let’s Stop Sex Trafficking Right Here at Home
One in Three Women’s October Newsletter

Donate today to continue our efforts to shatter the silence of sexual violence in your community!



PAVE Mailing List
Twitter: PAVEInfo – PAVEJustice
PAVE Website
Angela Rose’s Website
Madison Chapter of PAVE

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