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November 14, 2009


February 24, 2008 at the authors den  LadyJtalks 4 LadyJzTalkZone

While looking at stat pages to see where people click in and out from I came across this page at my little authors den.  I haven’t had much time or brains to write much there though most of you know I use to write/talk a lot.  This caught my eye because it was in the end about one of my favorite people and simple things that make you stop the madness going on inside.  I hope you enjoy it and stop by my den sometime to read more of my poems until I get them up here at the site.  LadyJ

Making these little meez up at and making little cards at another site I have and putting them up is just something that I am really having fun doing. It just makes the work of updating the sites and keeping the names out here for the different projects going a little more fun. Does not cost anything and that’s the best part I think I’d like to say

So many things in our life right now are really on hold because of the financial state. Just part of life right now, and I don’t let it get to me most days accept when it is really cold or raining out and I want to get to town. This is only the second time in my life since I was sixteen that I couldn’t afford my own car. It’s a strange feeling at first. Before at least I had access to a friends car up the hill so if I really had to or really wanted to go some where I could.
These last two years have been quite the learning experience. Actually more then a learning experience I think that it has been a chance to observe and validate most of the things that I have learned about human nature and realize that "yep" human beings are really some of the most predictable animals known.

For all the abilities to think differently as a species we sure do lock ourselves into a very small scope when you really compare the possibilities to the reality of everyday life. Those who study us so much can make as many new labels as they wish to describe behavior yet doesn’t it really come down to three groups in the end. Those who are good, those who are bad, and those who can’t decide.

I could sit at my sites all day long and retell my story and still never come up with a different perspective. Or one that would matter any deeper. Those who have come through the first Lady Jz Talk Zone from eight years ago now will attest to about the same things that they have learned in their lives. I’ve long said that after you search and fill your head with all the different thoughts, beliefs, ways of this world, even in their simplest formats, we all seem to have reach the same conclusions best summed up in the immortal words…."All I ever really needed to know I learned in Kindergarden"…Robert Fulgham (I did read some of his other books back then also…"it was already on fire when I laid down") actually as I put this up today there is quite a message for myself as I think back.  As Adults we many times step back into situations seemingly to have forgotten why we stepped out of it in the first place.  Read these things in his own words below.  

All I really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be I learned in kindergarten. Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate school mountain, but there in the sand pile at school. These are the things I learned:

Share everything.

Play fair.

Don’t hit people.

Put things back where you found them.

Clean up your own mess.

Don’t take things that aren’t yours.

Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.

Wash your hands before you eat.


Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.

Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.

Take a nap every afternoon.

When you go out in the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands and stick together.

Be aware of wonder. Remember the little seed in the Styrofoam cup: the roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why, but we are all like that.
Goldfish and hamsters and white mice and even the little seed in the Styrofoam cup – they all die. So do we.

And then remember the Dick-and-Jane books and the first word you learned – the biggest word of all – LOOK.

Everything you need to know is in there somewhere. The Golden Rule and love and basic sanitation. Ecology and politics and equality and sane living.

Take any one of those items and extrapolate it into sophisticated adult terms and apply it to your family life or your work or government or your world and it holds true and clear and firm. Think what a better world it would be if we all – the whole world – had cookies and milk at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and then lay down with our blankies for a nap. Or if all governments had as a basic policy to always put things back where they found them and to clean up their own mess.

And it is still true , no matter how old you are, when you go out in the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together.[Source: "ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN" by Robert Fulghum. See his web site at ]


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