Stop the Killing of Our Greater Yellowstone Wolves

December 1, 2009

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Stop the Killing of Our Greater Yellowstone Wolves »

Please sign the petition to help protect Yellowstone wolves from this brutal practice.Take Action! Hunters! Wolf hunting allowed. No deer or elk. Next 1.2 miles along road. East of Grave Ck. Road. Shoot on sight, we will sort out later.

A sign outside Lolo, MT implores wolf hunters to "Shoot on Sight… We Will Sort Out Later."

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Dear jacki m,
Yellowstone National Park’s famous wolves are being viciously killed – and once all the adult wolves have been slaughtered, the surviving pups will likely die without the rest of their wolf family.
Restore protections for Yellowstone wolves »
These sad wolf deaths are the result of the federal government’s likely illegal decision to eliminate vital protections for our wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the northern Rockies. Unless we are successful in urging Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to reverse this bad decision, hundreds more wolves will be killed.
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More than 160 formerly protected wolves have already been killed, including members of Yellowstone’s famed Cottonwood pack.
Our wolves need your voice, jacki m – and the support of as many others as possible who care about the future of these magnificent animals. Urge Secretary Salazar to withdraw his flawed delisting rule today! »

Thank you for taking action!
Care2 Campaign Team

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