January 1, 2010

Demand Worldwide Access to Lifesaving Medicine

Dear Jacki M,
Five years ago this week a major tsunami struck in the Indian Ocean, causing widespread devastation. The world responded with an immediate outpouring of food and medical supplies.
This year, no headline-grabbing natural disaster struck the nation’s consciousness. But that doesn’t mean worldwide suffering has lessened. On the contrary, we’ve now reached a point where one third of the world’s population – more than 2 billion people – lacks access to the lifesaving medicines and humanitarian aid they need to get through each day.
Unfortunately, when suffering doesn’t make the news, it is easily forgotten.
Click here to stand up for the 2 billion people in need of medical care worldwide >
We need to fight against complacency. World leaders have promised to increase aid, only to have these promises remain largely unfulfilled. It shouldn’t take a disaster to get the world’s attention and to provide urgently needed resources.
Today, on the anniversary of the tragic tsunami that galvanized people across the globe, you can add your name to the global call asking world leaders to commit to providing access to lifesaving medicine to all the world’s people – whenever they need it.
Our generation has the power to provide lifesaving access to medicine and relief across the globe, and your voice will bring us one step closer to that goal.
Thanks for lending your voice,
– The Team

Click here to sign your name

Demand that world leaders provide access to lifesaving medical care.


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