Angela Shelton News Letter

January 5, 2010

Thanks for signing up for my Newsletter! I’m Angela Shelton.

me and Wendy All of these updates come directly from me personally.  I’ll update you about what I’m up to, what I’m learning, events, news, videos, and stories that may inspire and empower you or just give you a giggle.
You can keep up with me daily on my personal blog

You may have seen me on Oprah, 48 Hours Investigates or Lifetime Television for Women.  I am the Angela Shelton who made the documentary  Searching for Angela Shelton" and my book Finding Angela Shelton came out in April and is now sold out.  If you see a copy on or Barnes and get it! I now travel when I can throughout the year empowering women to unite and make better choices.  I continue to meet and befriend amazing people (that’s me with Wendy Murphy in the picture above).

Before Searching for Angela Shelton there was another movie about another part of my life called "Tumbleweeds" which I co-wrote based on another book I wrote. I work on a lot of projects and wear many hats.  I modeled for 12 years (don’t hold it against me), I’m an actress, producer, writer, artist, and superhero (Safe Side Superchick). And I have a big mouth. I am not a therapist, counselor, social worker, doctor, politician, clergy member, or shrink. I’m an artist that works on projects that bring awareness to issues, and hopefully inspire healing and transformation along the way. Due to the huge impact that my documentary has had and the and the fact that my book is a call to action I started The Survivor Manual.

Finding Angela Shelton


I had planned on driving around the country,  Searching for Angela Shelton, and surveying women in America.  I wanted to see where we’d all been, where we came from and where we were going as women in general.  What I did not expect was discovering that 24 out of the 40 Angela Sheltons I spoke to had been victims of child sexual abuse, rape, and/or domestic violence. (It is now 28 out of 40 since more Angelas have contacted me) 

Searching For Angela Shelton hasn’t had an official release or followed any traditional "Hollywood" rules. Instead, via word of mouth, this film continues to inspire thousands of people across the world and has created a flourishing movement of courage, survival, healing and personal growth.  It is now used in trainings for volunteers at crisis center, in therapy as well as in sex offender treatment programs.  The Air Force even ordered a copy for every Air Force base in America! Please email me at if you’re with the Navy, Army, or Marines and want to do the same!

Thanks for staying in touch. I have a lot of new things coming out that I will let you know about!  Please add me as a myspace friend too –

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I also do things like enter air guitar championships and play a superhero too in the Safe Side Videos.

Watch me on Larry King Live with Dr. Phil hosting.

me and Dr. Phil

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You can now get the limited version of Searching for Angela Shelton on IndieFlix!

Angela Shelton
23852 Pacific Coast Highway Suite 392
Malibu, CA 90265

P.O. Box 39702 Los Angeles, CA 90027


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