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January 8, 2010







Happy 2010!

There is a lot of exciting news for this year.  First of all after meeting so many of you in the trauma and recovery field, high schools, colleges, survivor networks and healing centers I fell in love with angels, warriors and amazing people – that’s you!  Not only have I seen a pattern among trauma victims having health problems, financial problems and repeated self abuse, I’ve seen how so many non profits and advocates are not working together.  So many of you are working towards the same grants, fishing out of the same money pool and trying to get the same celebrities to your events.  My goal with the Angela Shelton Foundation was to create a wealth of information for all of you to be a part of, to contribute to, learn from, share from and bond through.  That goal has become a reality with the Survivor Manual!

The Survivor Manual is an ongoing online hub of information.  The goal is to provide answers to the myriad of questions that survivors and their loved ones face as well as inspiration, information, resources, healing techniques, recommended reading and events around the world. It is up in a new format and growing daily.  There will be many additions over the next few months so please keep coming back, share it, contribute to it and comment.  I started this for you to be a part of.  Our friends at Darkness to Light are posting as well as many therapists, survivors who have moved into thriving, crisis centers and advocates.  It is amazing to watch it grow as a non-competitive hub of information.  It is a place for all of us to help each other, highlight organizations, healing technique or events.  The only rules are that there is no debating of news stories and not telling stories of abuse and violence on here.  The Survivor Manual is a manual for moving past surviving and into thriving and leading a joyful life.  There are tons of how-to questions that come along with that and there are tons of answers.  So all of my friends and fellow warriors who run organizations, are therapists, healers, forensic nurses, advocates, speakers, artists, dancers, journalists and researchers etc etc please email me at about being a contributor.  

The Survivor Manual is going to be like the Huffington Post for Healing. Or if you’re a geek like me, for healing.  🙂

_MG_4447 As our annual event we are also going to do something a little bit different.  Instead of having the tables and the center pieces and the award ceremony – we’re going to have a Dance Party! I know some of your social workers and forensic nurses who will be the last people standing on that dance floor too because so many of us who work in the trauma field could really use the fun release of a dance party.  We will be holding it Los Angeles and also virtually online so that you can attend even from your living room.  You know me, thinking outside the box.  In the pictures above are me with Katharine Blodget, who set up the foundation paperwork years ago, Christopher Prince Boucher who set up the Army of Angels Affiliate Program and of course Norma. 

We will continue no matter what but we need to raise $20,000 before June, 2010 to stay up and running as a 501C3 Public Charity. 

Joanna Doane from the Army of Angels is doing a 24 Hour Blogathon this weekend Sat Jan 9th to Sun Jan 10th to raise money for the foundation!  If you’d like to sponsor Joanna per hour for this Blogathon for as long as she’s able to stay awake (She’s shooting for 24 hours straight) go to her Sponsorship Page.  If you’d like to send a donation by check this can be done by emailing her your name, mailing address, and the amount of your pledge to so she can update her sponsorship page. 

Watch her live –

Mail your checks to:

Angela Shelton Foundation
23852 Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 392
Malibu, CA 90265

Thank you so much for helping Joanna and thank you Joanna for helping the foundation! 

We are building a friends area online to thank our many friends from Frank Kern, Lightfoot Associates and Shannon Hansen and Vanessa Kennedy who contributed a portion of their proceeds to the foundation last year.  Thank you!  The list of our friends is long and keeps growing, look for your names soon.  We have been working on raising funds to move forward and it is now happening thanks to you.  And thanks to you, whether you are a contributor or a donor, more people will find the answers they need to move out of trauma and into joy.  

Do you have an idea on how to help inspire and empower more people to lead joyful lives? You can come up with your own creative way to donate to the Angela Shelton Foundation too!  Go to First Giving and click "get started" on your creativity. I’m doing a live event every Sunday at noon from my house. 

  Live Every Sunday at Noon

You can watch my live show on Sundays that I do at noon from my house or wherever I happen to be at that moment.  I post about it on my Twitter too.  (This coming Sunday I’ll be in Albany, NY for the Battered Mother’s Custody Conference.  Brrrrr.)  On my Sun show, I usually talk for about an hour and go off on all my visionary ideas on how to save yourself, your children and the world.  I play with puppets and wear funny hats too.  I spoke last Sun about how I have seen many themes and patterns around people who had been through hell from trauma=health problems to financial crisis to repeated self abuse cycles.  I told the Army of Angels that they better get ready, this is going to be like bootcamp.  I speak about removing the sword of trauma and how removing the sword is not just about purging pain and healing the wound, it’s about learning sword play and being a warrior in your life.  Being a warrior is taking care of yourself on all levels and that includes your bank account. I talk about it all and I’m really there on Sun and it’s very real – I’m usually still in my PJs. But I told you I’d be there so I’ll be there.  That’s how much I adore all of you.  

I answer questions that are sent in previously too through my facebook page. I usually get to 3-5 questions a show so send them in!

Healing is an act of revolution and everything you do affects everything else.  You are that important. 


Angela Shelton


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Oct, 2010. 

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  1. Great site I’m happy I stumbled onto it through my friend’s blog. Going to need to add another blog to the morning routine

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