A 24 hour blogathon for the Army of Angels

January 9, 2010


please help a wonderful cause here…I’m promoting/sponsoring her for $24.00 dollars.  That’s a dollar an hour and I think she can make that.  Good luck girl   LadyJ

I’m doing the 24 hr Blog-A-Thon this Saturday, January 9th, starting at 8 am.  I’ll be staying up 24 hrs straight, posting a new blog every half hour.  I’m collecting sponsors to donate for every hour that I stay awake or they can pledge a lump sum.  I’ve got 2 days to go from $24 to $1000.  Can it be done?  Of course!

I would appreciate it if you guys promoted this because I’m doing it to raise money for the Angela Shelton Foundation who’s sponsoring our conference this year.  The idea is like a Walk-A-Thon.  Plainly stated, if people can walk 10 miles to help cure cancer and such then I can blog 24 hours straight for us.  Said blog-a-thon will take place at www.joannadoane.wordpress.com.  Details of the fundraiser are listed here.  I’m excited and I know it will be a fun time. 

I want to blog about the story behind the Army of Angels, the Angela Shelton Foundation, the Survivor Manual, last year’s conference, and about this year’s coming conference.  I’ll be posting a total of 49 blogs so I have plenty of space to fit everything in.  If you have any ideas for anything I could include by all means let me know.  Attached is a 3 1/2 paragraph announcement that you can email out or post in bulletins, forums, blogs, etc.

Much thanks ladies!  With our collective efforts we can and WILL do this!!


~ Joanna


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