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February 25, 2010

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Dear Jacki m,

PAVE leaders were recently featured in local and national media regarding the epidemic of campus sexual assault. Help spread the word as we shatter the silence on this issue!

PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment is an international nonprofit that uses social, educational and legislative tactics to shatter the silence of sexual violence that affects men, women and children.
PAVE values survivor voices as one of the strongest tools to shatter the silence.
PAVE believes prevention transcends individual responsibility to include bystander intervention and perpetrator accountability.

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PAVE Survivor Justice Director

As an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Laura Dunn became an outspoken victim of sexual assault. Turning her outrage at the lack of justice for survivors into action, Dunn became involved with PAVE.

Along with PAVE Founder Angela Rose and Legislative Advisor Austin King, she started the

Survivor Justice Campaign to successfully pass the Justice for Patty Resolution in Madison, Wisconsin. The campaign continues to this day assisting survivors in their search for justice. Learn more here.

Want to get involved in the campaign? Email today:

National Public Radio – Morning Edition, FEATURING PAVE’s LAURA DUNN

A college campus isn’t the first place that comes to mind in a discussion about violent crime.
But research funded by the U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 1 out of 5 college women will be sexually assaulted. NPR’s investigative unit teamed up with journalists at the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) to look at the failure of schools – and the government agency that oversees them – to prevent these assaults and then to resolve these cases.

Listen and read the rest of the article here.

Center for Public Integrity Investigative Series

Students found "responsible" for sexual assaults on campus often face little or no punishment from school judicial systems, while their victims’ lives are frequently turned upside down.
Administrators believe the sanctions administered by the college judiciary system are a thoughtful way to hold abusive students accountable, but the Center’s probe has discovered that "responsible" findings rarely lead to tough punishments like expulsion – even in cases involving alleged repeat offenders.

Read more today and in the days to follow!


Many sexual assaults on college campuses go unreported. Victims tell us it is a culture of shame, silence and secrecy, and often, perpetrators are never charged.
A recent study by the Department of Justice found as many as one in four women is sexually assaulted while in college. And according to the Center for Public Integrity, 95% of those go unreported.
So what’s going on?

Read more here.

PAVE thanks Center for Public Integrity, National Public Radio, Security On Campus, Inc., NBC’s TIMJ4, and the many other agencies and advocates who are bringing attention to this issue.

Angela Rose
Founder & Executive Director


PAVE is excited to invite you to our first annual Gala May 15, 2010 to be held at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. We want you to be there!

1 Ticket: $125
2 Tickets: $225
Table for 10:$1,000
Click here for more information.

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February 27, 2010

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February 2010


Hey Sister,

It’s been quite the year so far.  To start things off I had the opportunity to speak at a luncheon sponsored by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  The Sisterhood of Dreamers into Doers event benefitted Safe Horizon Shelter.

I would love an opportunity to speak at your next women’s event.  I pull from my 22 years of business leadership and add the Modern B*a*g Lady twist to inspire women to discover they B*a*g.  Click here to view my speech.

Secondly, I was asked to be a contributor for The Survivor Manual, a resource for survivors of abuse and those who love them.  Bringing the Modern B*a*g Lady tools and inspiration to this audience is an honor. 

Modern B*a*g Ladies will be participating in an event in Kansas City in March, Recipes of Hope.  Women will gather together at the New House Shelter, cooking and sharing a nice meal together.

Finally, I will be attending the Be Your Own Hero,  Army of Angels Conference in October.  This event is supported by Angela Shelton and her Army of Angels.  The purpose is to empower survivors of abuse to life joyful lives.

Women are key to mending and progressing the world to new and better heights.  It is the new revolution.  In order to do this we must support each other as women.  Empower. Coach. Inspire. Share. Nonjudging.   When I say women, I mean ALL women.  Women in mansions.  Women in shelters.  Women in the US.  Women around the world.  Single women.  Married women.  Young women.  Wise women.

When we Discover our B*a*g, we love ourselves.  When we love ourselves, we share ourselves.  When we share ourselves, we change the world.  Have that urge to break out and rediscover you?  Give me a call or email.  I’d love to be of service.

Special love to you if you made this far down.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.  You are my hero.  Your support means the world to me.

Spread Joy. Shred Fear. Have Fun.

Kim Lampe

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Spiritual Zen

The Sure Fire Way to Sabotage Any Relationship (plus the top 6 reasons to avoid it)

Posted: 25 Feb 2010 04:22 PM PST

Want to sign your relationship’s death certificate? Then keep trying to “get back to the way things were.”

I hear people say “I wish we could just get back to the way we were” all the time, I’ve been guilty of it myself—a long time ago. It’s dangerous and it’s sentencing your relationship to failure; or at best a boring and emotionally and physically unsatisfying relationship.

The top 6 reasons why this thinking will lead to the end of your relationship:

6. It’s Impossible – So quit trying. The way things were are the way things were, not the way things are. Concentrate on what you can do today to improve your relationship; not what your partner did or didn’t do in the past or may or may not do in the future. The only thing you can control is right now; so go do something nice for your loved one this moment to increase the chance of a better tomorrow.

5. Expectations – “Today’s expectations are tomorrow resentments” or “expectations are resentments in training.” Having unreasonable expectations set upon ourselves and others is the quickest way to resentments. Expecting someone to be the same person they were years or even a few months ago is unreasonable. As far as I’m concerned, resentment should be considered stealing as it robs us of the precious time we have on earth which could be spent loving.

I could write an entire book on why expectations are so damaging. For one, watch any Hollywood love story. I’m laughing as I’m writing this because I’m thinking back of old relationships… when my girlfriend and I would be watching a romantic movie and thinking to ourselves “I wish she/he would touch me or talk to me like that.” Or “ah, he carved a heart into that rock with his teeth then built her a mansion out of Twinkies, how romantic… why don’t you ever do that for me?” Nuff said.

One mistake I made in previous relationships was having expectations yet never sharing them with my partner. That’s just not fair. How can someone ever live up to expectations they aren’t even aware of?

4. Lack of Growth – As the saying goes in business, “if you’re not growing you’re dying.” If you experience something the same way it was “back then,” then you’re not growing and actually loosing ground (or you’re Han Solo and just became unfrozen). As human beings we are constantly growing emotionally, physically, and spiritually. To truly experience a fulfilling life, we must find someone we can continually grow with. If you’re both stuck in the past you’re stunting your chance to grow.

3. Perspective – When you start dating, generally you just want someone to share your time with because you’re lonely. When a relationship is new, you feel all fuzzy inside all the time and just hanging out doing nothing with that person makes you happy. As your relationship changes, so does your perspective on what he/she is in the relationship for. Maybe you start thinking they’re here to make you happy or provide you with everything you need.

Maybe the way things were weren’t really the way things were. We’ve all experienced how emotionally stimulating and charged we are in the beginning of relationships; how the other person can seemingly do no wrong. Was he/she not putting their socks in the hamper from day one and you just didn’t notice or didn’t care because you were blinded by love?

2. Lack of Gratitude – If you’re wanting things to be different, then you’re certainly not grateful for the way things are. If you can’t find something to be grateful for in your relationship and where it is today, get out. Or at least discuss it with them and let them in on it. Then you can both work towards finding gratitude for yourselves and each other.

1. And the #1 reason to avoid getting back to the way things were: It limits you to something you’ve already experienced and lessons the chance you’ll discover something truly unique and amazing!

Why on earth would anyone limit themselves to something they’ve already experienced? OK, I can think of one reason, security. If you’re not feeling secure in your relationship, start looking at yourself first. Are you secure with yourself? If not, no one else is going to be able to give that to you. And you certainly will not find it by constantly requesting your partner become who they were “back when.” No one should be asked to live up, or down, to that.

My wife and I realize our relationship is different now then the first few weeks, months, or years after we met. We actually still have our old emails and read through them every now and then. We laugh at how cheesy we were then and how that first week we only slept about 10 hours because we were up every night talking. I first met my wife at a Starbucks three years ago today; Feb. 25th 2007 at 2:05 pm CST. I appreciate those first few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years for what they were; special, because I’ll never get to live them again. But I’m also grateful for the time we share now and how our relationship has changed into something different then it was then; not worse or better, just different. OK, truth is, better, better, better; but in a different better way… if that makes sense. I look forward to what it will be tomorrow and the day after that and the year after that. I’m not sure where life will take us together but one thing I do know, it will never be the way it used to be; thank God.

So quit trying to get back to the way things were; was it really that great?

What are some ways you cultivate newness in your relationships?

Do you disagree with the idea that “getting back to the way things were” is dooming a relationship to failure?

photo credit: alicepopkorn

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Finding Our Voices: Healing Art Activities

by Lynn Tolson on February 22, 2010

in Art Therapy


April is National Sexual Abuse Awareness Month.
In the Pikes Peak region of Colorado, Finding Our Voices is inviting you!

Call to Artists Finding Our Voices Art Show

Survivors of sexual abuse and their allies are invited to exhibit in the April 2010 FOV Art Show. Entry forms due March 26, 2010. Information is available on Facebook and E-mail or call 719-964-6608 with your questions.

Finding Our Voices art exhibit showcases (uncensored) artistic expression including, but not limited to: collage, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, needlework, multimedia, music, dance and poetry.

Art should be delivered to Cottonwood Center for the Arts Monday April 5. Because of the sensitive nature of this event, artists may request that their work be labeled as anonymous. Please send $5 to help cover set-up costs. A list of volunteer opportunities will be available at Finding Our Voices web site.

Finding Our Voices Art Show & Sale

COTTONWOOD Center for the Arts, Studio B 427 E Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, CO

Exhibit Opening & Artist Reception

Friday April 9, 2010 5:00-9:00pm

Poetry & Performances

Saturday April 10, 2010 noon-4:00pm

Safely Sharing Stories & Exhibit Closing

Sunday April 11, 2010 noon-4:00pm

Lynn C. Tolson, author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor’s Story, is a co-founder of this non-profit with Joyce Aubrey. BACA (Biker’s Against Child Abuse) will participate again this year!

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Welcome New Member

As a newly proclaimed Modern B*a*g Lady, I want to familiarize you with some main features.   Hop in, Let’s take a test drive. 

B is your Believe. You can categorize beliefs into 4 categories called your BB’s; Born, Buried, Bought and Borrowed Beliefs.  Our beliefs drive our dreams & thoughts.  Dreams and thoughts drive our Actions.  This part is about beginning with the end in mind, so it is important to be aware of your BB’s.  

A is your Act.  When our actions are focused around spreading joy, shredding fear and having fun we find the keys to our Traveling Sanctuary.  Turn the key.  Spark the fuel.

G is your Go.  When we believe, dream and take action we can realize our dreams.  Our G’s are our OH Yes Moments.  That inner Yes that isn’t that temporary yes from outside forces.

You need to seek out your Fuel.  You need frequent, small fill ups.  Your Fuel is your self care, not your selfish care.  Sometimes your self care includes sharing your fuel as well.  Have B*a*g, fuel and keys, will travel.  Traveling is getting out of your safe lane and seeking to help others and yourself.   It’s proclaiming your dreams to the universe.  As you travel you need to be the safe place for others to renew.  You will be the Sanctuary for others.  Your mirrors will reflect other’s goodness back to them.
Finally, the Modern part is about today being your day.  Women are no longer viewed as second class citizens.  We have proven ourselves, but perhaps to a fault.  Not all women want to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.  The modern day is ready to allow women to be themselves.  Let’s claim it today.

B *a*g?  Check

Keys?  Check

Fuel? Check

Welcome aboard to your Believe Act Go Traveling Sanctuary.  Your first B*a*g challenge is to go to your handbag and find some fuel.  If all you can find is baggage well its time to go fill it up with one thing that will fuel you dreams and charge you to act.  One of my favorite things to carry with me is my Ipod.  A Dancing B*a*g Lady needs her music.

Spread Joy. Shread Fear. Have Fun

Kim Lampe, The Dancing B*a*g Lady

p.s.  Don’t forget to invite your friends.  They surely will want to share this ride.

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Rebel Star Dance Party & Twitter Love on Angela Shelton Day! 

Fellow WarriorsThe mission of the Angela Shelton Foundation is to inspire and empower all survivors of abuse to heal and lead joyful lives. For that very reason our yearly event is going to be a dance party! This year’s theme is Rebel Star. The Rebel Star Dance Party will be in Malibu at a Magic Cabin overlooking the ocean on Saturday, May 1st. It is the 9 year anniversary from when I left my house to go on the journey of Searching for Angela Shelton.  It is a full day party with dancing and circus play that you can bring your kids to in the daytime; and a band, dancing and bar for nighttime. Mark your calendar and get your tickets

Me and Kerry (in the Army of Angels)Since May 1st is the 9 year anniversary and April 29th is Angela Shelton Day we are going to do a Twitter Campaign on Angela Shelton Day to celebrate healing, awareness and joy. Below is a video on how to twitter. We will be using the hash tags #HowtoSurvive to share tips all day.  Follow me at @angelashelton @survivormanual and @thearmyofangels to be a part of this day. This is the time to share how you survive anything from a bad day to a bad childhood with tips from healing video links on Survivor Manual to riffs you play on your electric guitar to get back your bliss (you know who you are!). I’ve been in the trauma and recovery movement for a decade now, I know you who shine with joy and it’s time to share it – even if it’s for just a day! That’s why we’re having a dance party. I’ll see you online on April 29th and in Malibu on May 1st. 

Thank you for all of your support for the foundation’s project, The Survivor Manual!  It is an ongoing online hub of information, providing answers to the myriad of questions that survivors and their loved ones face as well as inspiration, information, resources, healing techniques, recommended reading and events promoting breaking the silence and cycle around sexual abuse and violence. I started this for you to be a part of, so all of my fellow warriors, therapist friends and supporters, healers, forensic nurses, advocates, speakers, artists, dancers, journalists and researchers, please email me at about being a contributor. Army of Angels are having their second annual Army of Angels Conference in Asheville, North Carolina, Oct, 15-17 2010.  Thank you to all the angels who have started profiles on the new Army of Angels site!  

We will continue no matter what, but we need to raise $20,000 before June, 2010 to stay up and running as a 501C3 Public Charity. 

Mail your checks to:

Angela Shelton Foundation
23852 Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 392
Malibu, CA 90265

The Army of Angels are doing blogathons, marathons, vlogathons, and months of Joy to raise money for the foundation! 

Do you have an idea on how to help inspire and empower more people to lead joyful lives? You can come up with your own creative way to donate to the Angela Shelton Foundation too!  Go to First Giving and click "get started" on your creativity.

  How to Twitter Healing & Inspiration

Watch the video here too. 

You can watch my live show on Sundays that I do at noon from wherever I happen to be at that moment.  I post about it on my Twitter too.  Sometimes I’m still in my pajamas, sometimes I’m on the road, it’s the real me really checking in with you every Sunday. I answer questions that are sent in through my facebook page. I usually get to 3-5 questions a show, so send them in!

Last Sunday I taught you how to Twitter. So watch that video (it’s an hour) to learn how to twitter so you can be a part of Angela Shelton Day. It’s not hard, even my mom twitters!

I’m speaking at the Twitter 140 Conference in NYC on April 21st. 


Angela Shelton


Please be a friend of The Survivor Manual on Facebook!

Please Sport Survivor Manual and Angela Shelton Foundation Gear – it’s a great way to start conversations!

The big hearts are on the front and the winged hearts are on the back. 

Follow Survivor Manual too!

New Searching for Angela Shelton DVD

The new official version of Searching for Angela Shelton that started all this is now available on Amazon

Spiritual Zen

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s The Shift and the Realization That Everything You Need is Already Within You

Posted: 14 Feb 2010 04:20 PM PST

The Message

Last night my wife and I watched the Dr. Wayne W. Dyer movie The Shift. The main message is that we all seek fulfillment or purpose, but need help sometimes from what Dr. Dyer describes as a quantum moment. The Shift happens after this quantum moment as we shift from living in the morning of our lives—driven by ego—into the afternoon—living on purpose; while everything in the morning was a lie.

The term “living life on purpose,” previously meant something else to me. I associated it with intent, ambition, and drive. You know, waking up and living life on purpose! Today it means something totally different: living life on purpose; as in on task or in the zone of what my purpose is.

My quantum moment happened on March 12th 2006; and the shift happened over a period of years (and continues today) as a result of my willingness to turn my will and life over to a power greater than myself. To let Go and Let God. Although my quantum moment was a time and place I can remember vividly, the process of shifting my life in to purpose and happiness has been gradual. Moving into this afternoon of my life took work on my part; starting with a spiritual program I found in recovery and continue to work at daily through the routines I outline in The Spiritual Serenity Series.

The Shift was a very inspiring movie and message, yet I found that I had already moved into this phase of my life. Most of what I discuss here on is the result of that shift and how I got here and what I do to continue a life on purpose. I understood everything Dr. Dyer discussed in the movie, as I experience it daily, but it still leaves a lot unanswered for those who struggle with making a shift in their lives. Unfortunately, most people need some type of quantum moment to propel them into making a shift. Often this moment comes from desperation as it did for me. In essence, this shift is the movement away from a life lived through and for ego and into a life lived on purpose; an intrinsic purpose given to use by our creator.

All these movies, techniques, and theories sound well, but theories do not satisfy the soul. The gap is to find exercises or practical direction of action which can move us towards this shift. No doubt there are programs which accomplish this. For me, it was the action I first took in my recovery program. Simple actions like taking a moral inventory and sharing it with someone else. Making amends and being of service were all practical actions taken which moved me along this shift to a life lived on purpose.

It is my purpose to help others find a way to make this shift in their lives. I know this is a bold statement, but I feel it to be true. That is part of what I’m doing at I’m not trying to re-package anything and most certainly not attempting to adapt my experience to benefit from Dr. Wayne Dyers (or anyone else’s) great success; I’m simply sharing what has worked for me. It is my belief and experience that anyone has the ability to be happy and make this transition in their life without the pain and desperation I experienced. I chose to make a shift in my life to live; I would rather have died than continued to live the way I was living. Only then was I willing to stop listening to ego and begin the process of learning how to tune-in to the inner voice of my creator. Must everyone be that desperate? Are those of us who are trying to help others avoid such pain and suffering robbing them of the gift of desperation; the catalyst which will surely move them into a shift in their lives? I don’t believe so. The bottom is not a place, it’s a decision.

One benefit of my spiritual journey has been the realization of self-love. By surrendering to the idea that I am not God, moving out of ego, and into a life lived for a power greater than myself, I’m able to experience empathy for myself. In hindsight, it’s easy to recognize the lack of self-love in all those years of living life based in ego and self preservation. Simply put: had I truly loved myself, I wouldn’t have treated me the way I did. In the race to gather acceptance and validation from outside sources, I compromised my morals, values, and dignity. The amazing gift of self-love and the realization that everything I need has been (or will be) given to me by my creator, allows me to lower expectations of myself and others. The result is the ability to accept and give love unconditionally.

“Even after all this time the sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the whole sky.”

As Dr. Dyer explains, we have everything we need while being created in the womb. No outside help or interference is necessary. It’s a miracle. Yet as soon as we are born, it’s as if we say, “Thanks God, I’ll take it from here.” Thus our ego starts taking over: Easing God Out.

“When you showed up here in this world, you showed up here from a tiny little drop of human protoplasm; a spec if you will. And everything that was in that little spec became you. Everything that you needed was in that tiny little spec.”
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Our ego tells us who we should be, how we should live, and the definition of success and happiness; which is a lie because it’s all based on external sources. The truth is, and as I truly believe, that everything we need to be happy and fulfilled is already inside of us, given to use by our creator. The same force that gave us everything we needed in the womb is still with us; thus we still have access to anything we need to live our life on purpose. We just need to get our ego out of the way, be open minded and willing, and let the universe bring it to us. However, we must not confuse this idea with procrastination; we must take action to prepare ourselves in being ready and able to recognize these moments and gifts as they arrive. Anything else is still primarily our ego talking.

If everything we need to become who we are is already in us, why do we continually seek outside of ourselves for happiness and purpose? Because we’re still living for and by ego; telling us if only we had this or that we’d be happy.

We all have an inner voice telling us there must be something more out there, some purpose to our lives. Start listening to it! Think about how you lean in to overhear a conversation that catches your interest. Maybe you’re thinking these people are weak or you’re too proud to ask them questions, but you still sort of lean in and want to know more. Start listening to that need to know and want more out of life and let it take you to where you’re destined to go.

Here’s a small example of how life purpose manifests in my life; letting me know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be at any given time.

A few bits of background: 1. If you’ve been a reader of SpiritualZen for a while, you know my fondness of the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi. While watching The Shift, Dr. Dyer often refers to the power and significance of this prayer. 2. My wife and I got married on Kauai and have talked about returning ever since; we love the spiritual essence and beauty of Hawaii. We also recently discovered that a friend of ours has a rental property on Maui, another island we truly want to, and will, visit. 3. I’m currently reading Disappearance of The Universe and have a spiritual advisor who often talks about A Course in Miracles. (it’s my understanding that they are somewhat related to each other yet I’m still haven’t read either completely)

Ok, now back to my story… so there’s one book of Dr. Dyer’s that I’ve considered purchasing for a while; There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem(Amazon). Today my wife and were in the book store so I picked up this book and looked at the back cover which has printed on it the Prayer of Saint Francis. Cool I thought. Next I open the front to one of the first pages and saw this:

“You have no problems, though you think you have…”
A Course in Miracles

Wow, that’s cool too I think. Then I turn a few pages to the books Forward and read:

“I completed the initial writing of this book on the fifteenth of June, 2000, at our home on Maui, with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.”

OK, someone’s telling me I need this book. So I purchased it knowing I was making the right decision.

This may only sound like coincidences to most or a stretch for others, but for me, these types of experiences happen all the time. They are guide posts along my spiritual journey telling me I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be at that place and time. By being self-aware and present to my creator in as many moments as possible, I’m open to these experiences; which are awesome!

Thanks for listening,

photo credit: WTL photos

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This is a new letter I am getting and I’d love to get the opinion on them.  I did get to hear the last webinar with Mike Skinner and of course you all know I think he is number one for me when it comes to this work.  So please read and share it with those you think can benefit from it. 


February 2010 Ritual Abuse Newsletter

Prepared by in affiliation with Survivorship

1. I am still trying to find software that will make these mailings easier. If I find something I like, the next issue may look different. You will probably have to click on a button to indicate that you still wish to receive the newsletter.

2. Survivorship continues with its Webinars. If anybody would like to give one, write me at

Here is the latest schedule. Complete information is at

Saturday, March 13

“Art and Activism: What the Public Sees.”

Lynn Schirmer

Saturday, April 17

“Healthy Supportive Relationships – What They Are, How to Make One.”

Kitty Downey

Saturday, May 15

“Riding off into the Sunrise.”


(This will be a light-hearted look at coping skills in the later stages of recovery.)

Recordings of past Webinars are available without cost to Survivorship members.

3. Survivorship is giving monthly workshops at the Family Justice Center in Oakland, CA. The next one is:

Saturday March 6

“Sharing Difficult Truths” with Mary Mary Ciofalo MFC and Dvora Gordon

4. The European Society for Trauma and Dissociation is holding its second bi-annual conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland on April 8 – 10. In addition, ESTD workshops are currently scheduled in Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, and the UK. Resources, links, and a members’ section are found on

5. Deep Release Training, Counseling in Brentwood, Essex, UK offers a series of workshops on DID, extreme abuse, and related topics. More information is on their website at

April 19

“Extreme Reactions: Self-Harm, Suicide and Anorexia Nervosa.” with Pauline Andrew

April 19, October 13

“Early Trauma, Abuse and Neglect.”  with Pauline Andrew

April 21

“DID:  Who are the Perpetrators?” with Adah Sachs
April 30

“Toxic Churches and Spiritual Abuse.”  with Pauline Andrew

July 15

“Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).” with Pauline Andrew

5. Your survey: would be happy to post a survey you have designed or to help you design it. Write if you are interested.

6. New surveys: There is a survey on Primary Method of Self-Injury. Includes current results.

“People Against Ritual-Abuse-Torture” has a survey about extreme abuse, torture and discrimination and stigmatization. Includes current results.

7. The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal. There is a new book on the nationwide sex trafficking/ritual abuse/child pedophile ring in Franklin, Nebraska, written  by investigative reporter Nick Bryant. Bryant had access to many sources of documents including FBI reports and interoffice memos, Omaha Police Department reports and internal memos, Nebraska State Patrol reports, Nebraska Department of Social Services reports, and internal Boys Town reports.

8. “Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: Survivor Trish Fotheringham Speaks Out.” A three-DVD set ($18.00 plus $6.50 shipping) Trish, a Canadian survivor of ritual abuse and mind control, is interviewed at length by Ellen Lacter Ph.D. Information:

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The Surviving Spirit Newsletter – Healing the Heart Through the Creative Arts  –

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. – Kahlil Gibran

Hello Folks,

I hope all is well for everyone and you are ‘surviving’ some of the wild weather that has been going on these past several weeks – really cold in my neck of the woods…and I’ve had enough of shoveling already!!!

I try my level best to get this out in the middle of the month…but as we all know…some of our best laid plans go awry – for me lately, it has been a ‘temperamental’ computer that needed to go in for some repairs…still not 100%…but it will do for now.

Lots of great info and resources to share…I don’t expect folks to absorb everything all at once, take your time…

I would like to open this newsletter for a brand new year with these wonderful words of wisdom shared from my friend Susan Catherine Keter in Nairobi, Kenya:

“As a new year dawns, let us embark to do more to promote mental health. Let each one of us do whatever we can in our own small way to improve the mental health situation.
We start with ourselves, doing away with habits that don’t do any good for mental health. Not big things but just small things like cultivating supportive relationships around us, working with budgets so that we cut out the stress that comes with over spending, doing a kind deed to someone who needs it, endeavoring to engage in some form of physical exercise for at least a few hours every week, and many of those small steps that we can take. And if we can go a step further and reach out to others with a positive message, a shared activity that we enjoy or whatever we can do to make life better for all of us, so much the better.
I wish each one of you a prosperous New Year 2010. Together, we can change the world, in our own small way.
Cheers for the year ahead. Susan”

Well said Susan!!! -  Please do visit Susan’s site, lots of great info, insight, and resources for healing –

Users and Survivors of Psychiatry in Kenya -

and Cool Waters –

I’ve got a few events that I would like to share –

I’ll be performing February 4th at:

Perks Coffeehouse -
685 Washington Street
Norwood, MA 02062   781-762-5565  – starting at 8pm [2 – forty five minute sets]

February 6th I’ll be doing a webinar – “Hope, Healing and Help through Music and Advocacy.”  from 3-5pm [Eastern Standard Time] for the good folks at Survivorship, please visit for more info on logging in, etc. And a warm round of kudos for Bonnie Bazill-Davis of Speak Out Services [ ] for helping out with this endeavor and for all of the advocacy work that she is doing.

February 11th I’ll be speaking [with some music] at New Hampshire State Hospital, sharing some of my trials and tribulations, but to show hope – for it wasn’t that long ago, that I too was told I “would never work again”, etc, etc because of my mental health concerns caused by trauma and abuse. I’ll be back there on March 18th…this time just having some fun playing music for all.

My friend Chrys Ballerano will be speaking on trauma-informed care for this event on March 8th:

Women’s Treatment Conference put together by the ASAP of New York State Women, Children and Family Services Committee. For more info please contact:

Susan Ohanesian Ph: 212-979-8800  or

Paige Prentice Ph: 716-831-1800, ext 221

Chrys is an incredible person – not only is she a great advocate on the issues of trauma, abuse, and mental health…but she is also a gifted singer/songwriter/guitarist & and drum workshop presenter who I’ve had the good fortune through the years to hear perform and present.

She can be reached at -  – NY State Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Speaking of performing & presenting, Robin Lane of A Women’s Voice offers songwriting and recording for trauma survivors, to learn more, please visit:   Some of you may remember Robin from her days with Robin Lane & The Chartbusters – they had some great hits!!!

Talking openly about childhood sexual abuse is damn hard to do [I still struggle with it]…we still have a long way to go where society has an open mind and a open heart to these matters…so when folks not only take the courage to speak out, but do so in a public forum, well, that does deserve recognition and our support.

~A Voice Within~ Abuse survivor and author/poet Marie Waldrep shares her personal story and helps others to recover & heal from abuse by providing support, crisis contact, information, statistics, etc at:

Tiffani Wampler shows hope and healing at her site – Living A Secret – A Resource for Survivors of Incest and Sexual Abuse, please visit Also, you can check out her appearance on Good Morning America via this link –

Jim Austin shares some powerful testimony and words of courage and hope via the attachments included with this newsletter. Jim is a social worker at a prison in Canada…and a survivor. It is well worth taking the time to read what he shares. If you wish to contact him, please let me know, due to his work environment, I cannot post his contact info.

Jerome Lawrence as an artist has created some incredible work, and proof positive that one can do all kinds of things regardless of what life has handed you. He shows that hope and healing are possible despite the struggles of schizophrenia. Even former president Jimmy Carter and his wife are impressed with Jerome’s work – purchases of his art now resides in the Carter Center – not bad. And he’s a good guy to know!!! Learn more at

And thanks to Jerome for this connection – Jayme Lynch and the good folks at the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network are now posting the Surviving Spirit at their website. Check it out, because they have lots of helpful resources posted!!!

This is a very powerful and compelling piece of work from authors Darby Penney, Peter Stastny, and photographer Lisa Rinsler – The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases From A State Hospital Attic –   I’ve known Darby now for many years and have long wanted to share this incredible piece of work…finally, here it is. Again, something to take the time to visit and learn…and heck, buy the book.

Jan Brown is someone I’ve known now for many years and have long admired her tireless efforts on the issues of domestic violence…and her organization has long included and helped males who also know violence from their partner – please learn more about the Domestic Abuse Helpline for men and women at:

I’m so glad that my friend Melissa Firmes shared this information with a group of us recently – this is truly a great place of hope and caring – Comfort Zone Camp – A fun and safe place for grieving children. Please do visit the site to learn more –

Last but not least – Azalea Blossom, Inc has asked me to serve on their board of directors…truly an honor and a privilege to do so. I’ve known Margaret Bernstein for many years now as a dear friend and she too uses her music, education and testimony in helping others, especially in schools with her outreach. Please visit to learn more.

Take care, Mike

ps. Please share this with your friends & if you have received this in error, please let me know.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

A diagnosis is not a destiny. – Hope, Healing, & Help for Trauma, Abuse, & Mental Health through music, resources, & advocacy – musical endeavors only  Facebook – for friends, music, & advocacy!! – live performance of "Brush Away Your Tears" from TV show interview 603-625-2136    38 River Ledge Drive, Goffstown, NH 03045 – new site for public speaking & music presentation on healing for trauma, abuse, & mental health.

"BE the change you want to see in the world." Mohandas Gandhi


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PAVE Newsletter

Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence

January 2010

In this Issue

:: New Book on Sexual Assault

:: Thanks for Attending!

:: Action Alert: 5WCW

:: Haiti and Human Trafficking

:: Sexual Violence in the News

:: Domestic Violence Event

:: Events in 2010

Dear Jacki m,

PAVE shatters the silence of sexual violence through social awareness, educational outreach, and legislative efforts. By being both prevention and awareness focused, PAVE works on all fronts to end sexual violence affecting men, women and children throughout the globe.

We use art, education and action to challenge cultural norms that encourage violence and ignore the spectrum of sexual abuse.  We create an awareness and response to any injustices victims, survivors and their communities suffer.
You’re invited to join this important work – learn more today!

Talking About Sexual Assault

New Book by Sarah Ullman

Releasing this March, Ullman’s book discusses the trauma women experience from a sexual assault and that revictimization that occurs from following social reactions upon disclosing the assault.


Learn more and pre-order


Thanks for Attending
Chicago Well-Being Expo

This last Saturday Stacy Nadeau of Dove’s "Real Women", Life and Business Coach, Bevin Lynch, Duong Sheahan of the Live Healthier and Happier Blog, and Founder of PAVE Angela Rose came together for the Chicago Well Being Expo

This expo will continue on to Washington D.C., New York City, and L.A.! Thanks to all those who attended our kick-off event!

5th UN Conference for Women
Take Action to Make it Happen

On Sept. 30, 2009 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chaired a meeting with the UN Security Council where a resolution mandating peacekeeping missions to protect women and children from sexual violence during armed conflict was unanimously adopted.
With such momentum the 5th Annual UN World Conference on Women (5WCW) would be the most influential and far-reaching women’s conference ever held. Grassroots activism and political leadership needs to be mobilized or it won’t happen. Learn more and sign a petition


Clery Act Updates in 2010
Security on Campus, Inc.

Learn the latest amendments to the Clery Act through Security on Campus’ comprehensive trainings.

Date: July 7-8, 2010
Location: Phladelphia, PA
Partnership: University of Pennsylvania’s Division of Public Safety
Date: July 19-20, 2010
Location:Chicago, IL
Partnership: Northwestern University’s Police Department
PAVE’s Survivor Justice Director will be attending!
East Coast, Southwest and West Coast trainings are currently being planned. Stay posted


Haiti and Human Trafficking
Manual for Preventino

ECPAT International has published a manual to protect children from trafficking during times of natural disaster and upheavel. It was developed for the tsunami in Southeast Asia but is equally as relevant for children affected by the earthquake in Haiti. It is free for anyone who wants to use it. Download it here.

English and Spanish current

ly available. A French version will soon be available.

Sexual Violence in the News
The topic of sexual violence is frequently in the media. Part of shattering the silence is reading and responding to these news. PAVE encourages you to write a

letter to the editor or comment on blogs covering the article, such as PAVE Voices.


Male Survivors – Curvature
Rape Myths – The Sexist
Lil’ Wayne Jokes of His Rape– The Sexist

Domestic News

Bus Driver Assaults Student – Assoc. Press
Pedophile Sentenced – Assoc. Press
Accused Bishop Jumps from Balcony – Assoc Press
Pete Townshend and Child Porn– NY DailyNews
Teacher ‘Sex’ with Boys – Assoc. Press
Deportation for Statutory Rape – Assoc. Press
International News
Anti-Homosexuality Law in Uganda – ABC News

**Take action against this law here**

Growing Movement for Change
PAVE Chapters & Affiliates

Welcome to our newest chapter:
Western Technical College of La Crosse, WI

Welcome to our newest Affiliate:
Active Mind Therapy, LLC of Highland Park, IL


PAVE’s Affiliate Program to a friend or local organization!

Shattering The Silence of Domestic Violence With Actress/Filmmaker Angelica Torn


: February 8, 2010
Location: DePaul Center – Room 805
Purpose: Featuring Clips from the Award Winning Film LUCKY DAYS –

Talkback with Filmmaker/Actress Angelica Torn with PAVE Founder Angela Rose

Angelica Torn



More Upcoming Events


7th Annual Valentine’s Day Distinguished Family Violence Lecture
Date: February 10, 2010
Location: DePaul Center – Room 805
One East Jackson Boulevard Chicago, IL
Purpose: "Beyond "He Said, She Said": How Can Rape Be Prosecuted in the 21st Century?"

RSVP via facebook

PAVE’s Survivor Justice Director and Male Empowerment Director will be there!

Summit on Violence and Abuse in Relationships

Date: February 24-26, 2010
Location: Dallas, Texas
Purpose: Unite the science, service and policy surrounding issues of violence prevention

PAVE’s Founder Angela Rose will be presenting there!

More Info


Re-Abolish Modern Day Slavery
Date: March 1-2, 2010
Location: George Washington University in Washington D.C.
Purpose: Join ‘Not for Sale’ in asking for stronger legislation against human trafficking. This event will have advocacy training, networking, and meetings with your elected representatives.
Learn more!

MaleSurvivor: 2010 International Conference
Date: March 18 – 21, 2010
Location: John Jay College of Criminal Justice New York City, New York
Purpose: Topics covered will be female perpetrators, institutional abuse, and more
Register Now

PAVE’s Male Empowerment Director will be there!

7th Annual Hawaii Conference
Date: March 29-April 1, 2010
Location: Ala Moana Hotel, Honolulu
Purpose: Professional training for Preventing, Assessing & Treating Child, Adolescent and Adult Trauma
Learn More

Amnesty International’s Art Festival
Date: April 23-25, 2010
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
Purpose: An arts and human rights festival is a powerful manner of bringing cultural organizations and businesses together, as well as highlighting the highest possibilities of the American social and political spheres.
Event Website

PAVE’s Founder and Executive Director Angela Rose will be there!


30th NOVA Conference
Date: August 22-25, 2010
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Purpose: The conference will focus on enhancing your the skills to work with victims. There are plenty of opportunities for all to refine your professional capacities and develop specialized skills.
More information available
National Sexual Assault Conference
Date: September 1-3, 2010
Location: L.A., California
Purpose: The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault will be hosting the 2010 national conference
Learn more

15th International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT)
Date: Sept. 10-11, 2010
Location: San Diego, CA
Purpose: The mission is to provide professional training and information dissemination to improve the quality of life for those affected by violence, abuse, and trauma on local, national, and international levels.

Donate today to continue our efforts to shatter the silence of sexual violence in your community!



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