Come Meet Angela Shelton

February 2, 2010

More and more Men are speaking out just as much as Women have and it’s about time for equal rights.  Be part of a grassroots movement & Take the Challenge with us to stop the cycle of abuse.  Not just any opportunity, this is one that is meant to help you grow as you help others. Please read and if it’s not for you then forward it to someone who you think could use this hope in their life. 

Hi Everyone, Lady J here, 4Rchildrensfutures and Lady Jz Talk Zone.

I know it has been a while since I’ve written personally to many of you.  Sometimes you just have to go through the motions of living the life you have built for yourself.   I’m back to tell you all about a wonderful grassroots movement I have become involved in promoting and have actually started taking this challenge myself.  I want to introduce you all to Angela Shelton who is the creator of the award winning documentary, Searching for Angela Shelton, where she interviewed other women around the United Sates who shared her name.  It started out as just a project to do during the writers strike and sounded like a neat idea at the time. 

What she discovered was that 70% of them had been victims of rape, childhood sexual assault and/or domestic violence.  Her survey became personal when she met an Angela Shelton who was tracking sexual predators and lived in the same town as her father who was her abuser.  When she arrived in her town on Father’s Day things got "too weird to be weird anymore" (in her words) and she decided to confront him on camera. 

I have followed her personally for the last years and watch her each Sunday on a little ustream show now called the Angela Shelton Show  so if you stop by one Sunday at 12:00 pst you be sure to say hi to me and let me know you found us through these emailers.   Her film has won many awards and she has been on the Oprah Winfrey show, Larry King Live, 48 Hours Investigates and Lifetime Television for Women so she did get plenty of exposure in the beginning.  She then wrote the full story of her journey in a book called "Finding Angela Shelton" in which she tells she had to face her past abuse and how it fueled the life she had led.  As many of us had to learn way later then we hope for our younger travelers on this journey we call Living Well to spite them all.

army of angels
If you or someone you know would love to be committed to inspiring and empowering people to lead joyful lives I invite you to come by, Meet the Angela Shelton I have grown to know and love, download the Angela Shelton commitment Declaration for free and when you are ready download the Survival Manual Warrior Workbook and create a group around you of others who want to let go of whatever is halting your progress forward, whether it is an addiction, an abusive relationship, a negative thought pattern or the fear of revealing yourself to the world.

Please come by Lady Jz Talk Zone at and visit us often to learn more about the other people I support and love who have made the life of others so much better by doing what they do.  And forward this to anyone who you think would love to join us on this journey with  others.  One of the movements from this is called the Army of Angels which I am so honored to be part of as we grow across the county an inspire others to take the challenge to live wonderful and joyous lives to the best we can.  My name is Lady J and I speak for all those who have not found their voice yet. 

It’s never to late to have a happy childhood for both men and women alike.  Abuse is abuse for either of us.  Let’s raise our voices and stop them from doing it to anyone else.  Join us today and share your story.  And know you never have to travel this road alone.  There is an Army of Angels out here waiting for you.  LadyJ


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