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March 5, 2010




Dating Secrets

When your boundaries have been violated

it’s hard to trust new relationships,

here’s our

Dating Manual 101

to help guide you through

which new relationship?

are good for you and

which are repetitions of

old behaviors. 

Do you know what

Romantic Chemistry


Why do we fall madly in love?

with someone who has both the positive and negative traits of our parents, someone who fits an image that we carry deep inside us. 

When you look at romance from an academic perspective, you will recognize these phases in your past relationships.

The Stages of Falling in Love

"I know we’ve just met, but somehow I feel as though I already know you."

That sense of deja’ vu, is the feeling of familiarity.

Angela’s Army of Angels

March Blog-a-Thon(s)

The Army of Angels are people of every gender across all boundaries of race, religion, and political standing, who are committed to healing, awareness, strength and courage.

We were inspired and empowered by Angela Shelton to make dramatic shifts in our lives.

We now make Angela’s work work by moving forward in our lives and helping others do the same.

Lynn turned her trauma

into a foundation that

heals children with music

"Like thousands of other children, being violated made me feel helpless, dirty, and I didn’t know where to turn for help.

"It truly altered my perception of life and those who claimed to be close to my family.

"However, I was one of the fortunate ones. I had tools to help my wounds heal: my faith in God and music.

Lavender Mentors are Everywhere

            thriving past the abuse of violence and sexual trauma


Mary says you can find a way to heal through anything

“We lived in the ghetto. I’d hear women screaming and running down the halls from guys beating up on them.

People chased us with weapons. I never saw a woman there who wasn’t abused. It was a dangerous place. No one wanted anyone else to get ahead.

When I was 5, sexual stuff was done to me. My mother was a single parent, a working woman. She left us with people she thought could be trusted.

They hurt me.

After that happened, I thought:

‘Is it somehow my fault?”

Lavender Sister Ellen’s cancer has sadly returned

Ellen and her colleagues at the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program, created the "Power and Control Wheel" model which has become an international teaching tool that has helped many, including battered women, put a fuller description to their experience so that it is understandable to those of us listening and intent on assisting them.

One way of writing women into history is to document the impact of the inspired leadership of Ellen Pence on our lives and our work for women’s liberation and to end violence against women. 

Happy Birthday

Somantic Memories

I have to apoligize this issue of Lavender eMag is a month late, however I have been sick and suffering from somantic memories.

My father said I would get migraines on my birthday because I couldn’t handle any excitement; any happiness.  But at 43, I now know that I get migraines because my body has messages to tell me.

I was born 6 weeks early due to as my mother "put it" a hormone imbalance at a dangerously low weight and left in an incubator of months in the hospital.

Music is a Natural


Music therapy is the use of music to achieve measurable goals regarding mood improvement, anger management, or other skills.

According to The Tao of Music by John Ortiz, a conscious, systematic way to use music therapy for depression is to make an entrainment list.

It is called "entrainment" because repeated listening to the playlist trains the mind to go from depression to  happy in response to a sequence of songs.

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