April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month

March 16, 2010


April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month


Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 10:16am

April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month

Suggestions on how to help raise child abuse awareness in your local communities:
• Distribute our FREE brochures to your neighborhood–Let others know about our mission to promote awareness.
• Check to see what Child Abuse Prevention Month Activities are going to be talking place in your local community and participate
• Join your local volunteer hotlines or shelters–participate in their education programs–get accredited to volunteer and offer assistance to abuse survivors.

Community Participation – Cities and counties throughout the region are encouraged to include announcements about National Child Abuse Prevention Month in their newsletters, put up a poster, and post on web sites with an optional direct link to DREAMCATCHERS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN, http://www.dreamcatchersforabusedchildren.com
Let others know about our FREE Child Abuse Handbook that is available for download at http://www.lulu.com/kshirandpotter.
Business Participation – Local companies and small businesses are asked to encourage their employees to wear Blue Ribbons, hold a dress down day or special fundraiser, display awareness information at your place of business, participate in community awareness projects, and ask their customers to support child abuse prevention organizations.
School Participation – Area schools are asked to conduct Penny Drives (or other easy fundraisers) to support your local child abuse organizations and local shelters.

Child abuse statistics are increasing SHARPLY — mainly due to the struggling economy & stressed out parents.
We are desperately trying to promote child abuse awareness & educate the public as quickly as possible in order to help save innocent children’s lives. There are LOTS of different ways that you can help educate people on child abuse & spread awareness:

One way is to try to get as many people as you can to look at our Abuse Page…If you could possibly find a place for us in your TOP FRIENDS & let your friend’s know that you are promoting child abuse awareness–it will help us to educate the public faster!! You will then be doing your part to help these children. Even if your friends
only log on & read our site ONCE….they will remember the signs/symptoms to look for, who to contact, intervention, prevention & recovery of child abuse. JUST THINK OF HOW MANY CHILDREN’S LIVES COULD BE SAVED IF ALL INDIVDUALS WERE TRAINED ON WHAT TO LOOK FOR!!!

Another simple thing you could do, is to REPOST OUR BULLETINS–It helps to spread awareness & educate the public.
And, tell all your friends about us—We are here to help!!
Education & knowledge is the key to prevention!!!!

You could also look in your area @ your local resources to see if they need volunteers (@ the shelters, hospitals) This would be a way for you to learn more about the statistics of child abuse & to help your community. Recently, one of our members used our website as a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION at his church. He not only received a huge, positive response from his missionary, but also had a child
come forward to report molestation that had been taking place in the nursery—THE MAN WAS ARRESTED!!! All because she saw our website, was educated, and KNEW to report this crime!!!

We also allow child abuse advocates to "volunteer" to become VOLUNTEER DREAMCATCHERS. If interested, you would be an affiliate of DREAMCATCHERS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN & would receive a Volunteer Banner. You would then be asked to help promote child abuse awareness & education by recruiting members to your page, distributing our free publications and information and assisting members one-on-one. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

We are an offical non-profit 501(c)3 organization and are funded by donations, grants & charity benefits. ALL proceeds collected are directly donated back into the organization to help to help educate the public on how to help these abused children!!!

We use our donations for:
FREE publications to the public
Speaking Engagements
Gift care packages
Travel expenses
Benefit & event fees
Distributional brochures, business cards & promo items
Websites costs, fees & overhead
And anything & everything we can do to help any child who has been abused.

You could also ask businesses in your area if they might be interested in
sponsoring us either directly or by holding a fund raiser or charity event…
We accept gift items, monetary donations, in-kind donations and/or goods & services.

You can also make a donation through our SECURE PAYPAL site located on either of our websites. We accept all credit cards, debit cards & paypal transfers are accepted. If you would like to make a donation, please visit: http://www.myspace.com/abused_children (or) www.dreamcatchersforabusedchildren.com

Also, on our domain website at: http://www.dreamcatchersforabusedchildren.com, please visit our page titled "HOW YOU CAN HELP"….It has tons of wonderful ideas of ways you can help make a difference & promote awareness!!!

We have FREE full-colored brochures & business cards for public distribution which features all of our information along with photos, statistics, hotline numbers & our contact information. If you would like a FREE brochure, or would like a supply to distribute in your local area, please forward me your address & I will gladly mail one to you!!

Thank you so much for helping to keep our children safe!!!
Thank you,
Dreamcatchers for Abused Children


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