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June 1, 2010

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Maternal Attachment Disorder

Pero Lo Amo


May  2010

Eliza Mae Mowery

She promised herself that she would someday find out the truth about her mother’s vicious murder.

One of the biggest steps in recovery is the journey into our own past history.

For Rozetta Mowery, this included a three generational look and the horrific murder called

Tragedy in Tin Can Holler

In the book and film, Mowery shows how she uncovered the hidden story of a family member who was a serial killer who got away with murder during the Depression. She also reveals others involved in incest, child abuse and domestic violence.

Rozetta Mowery

My book is an outlet to warn other people about the dangers of domestic violence and the aftermath of what happens to the children.

Watch Rozetta’s Slideshow

“All my life I wanted to find out why my father murdered my mother,” she says in a video “… I never envisioned the nightmarish things that I discovered about my father’s family.  Domestic violence on his side of the family began a century before I was even born, and it’s continued generation to generation.”

I Refuse to Submit Myself to Being Blamed … for a situation I had no control over.

Shattered Reality

Four more months passed quickly by without a word from the Prosecuting Attorney’s office. 

The holidays came and went.  My Aunt and Uncle continued to enjoy a carefree life.  They traveled.  They celebrated with our closed extended family at their granddaughter’s wedding. 

Kimberly Cherly

An event we had saved for, my children had looked forward to and my immediate family was ostracized from.  After years of closeness, not one of my sisters or I even received family Christmas cards – not from any one.

Forgiveness in the Face of Abuse

She was of the old school that taught women to step back and fiercely guard the illusion of family unity at any cost. 

She was a graduate of the same school that instructed women that they are nothing without a man, and that solely through the acquisition of a male partner do women validate their existence. 

Independence of thought and action was recommended only as long as it blended with that of their mates.

For twenty-five years, since the age of ten, I stood alone in the truth about the abuse in my family. 

The appearance of normalcy and safeguarding the family secret takes precedence over everything else.

Have you ever wondered if love at first sight is real?

Have you ever wondered if it would be an everlasting type of love? Can teen love be true love? This true story answers yes, to all of those questions.

Forever and Always is about a teenage girl (Trii) whose family background and adventurous spirit more often than not–work against her! One day, smitten by the sight of Trampus, she knows what she wants, if only, just this once, luck would be with her.

Trii’s is a tale of strength to over come the challenges she is faced with in life, to find true happiness with her beloved. Trii is a survivor of rape, sexual abuse,  physical abuse, as well as physiological abuse.

She demonstrates the true power of the Law of Attraction and how life changing it can be; going from a life of misery to that of success by willing it to be.

Forever and Always

The difference between the verbally abusive man and the physical batter

are not as great as many people believe.

The behavior of either style of abuser grows from the same roots and is driven by the same thinking. 

One of the obstacles to recognizing chronic mistreatment in relationships is that most abusive men simply don’t seem like abusers. 

The symptoms of abuse are there, and the women usually see them: the escalating frequency of put-downs.  Early generosity turning more and more into selfishness. 

Verbal explosions when he is irritated or when he doesn’t get his way.  Her grievances constantly turned around on her, so that everything is her own fault. 

His growing attitude that he knows what is good for her better than she does.

Making the Connection:

The First Stage of Recovery

Disclosure: Women entering treatment need a gradual disclosure process that occurs at their individual pace.  The importance of carefully and slowly allowing the memories and experiences of sexual abuse to be told cannot be overstated. 

Throughout this stage, there is a gradual shift from denial or minimization of the sexual abuse as tramautic to realization of its damaging effects.

Acute Crisis: A women often come to treatment because she is experiencing the effects of abuse as ongoing or recurring problems in her life. 

She may enter treatment acknowledging that she has become less able the function in her daily life or that she is suffering from multiple health problems.

She may have recently experienced marriage or the birth of a child; perhaps she has a child who just reach the age when the abuse  in her childhood began.

Can’t Hold

Us Down

Christina Aguilera

& Lil’ Kim

Get it Together

Indie Arie

Oh Mother

Christina Aguilera

Twisted Ballerina

Jayne Sachs


John Mayers


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