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September 14, 2010

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Vol. 7 Newsletter – September 14, 2010

Are you looking for a little inspiration to get you through your week? Then we have just what you need. Check out the website for information on how to make effective business decisions, insight on how to become a financial grown up, tips for navigating your relationship while starting a business, and so much more. Here’s a brief look at the articles for this week.

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Leadership Dilemma: Whats A Gal To Do?
By Sylvia Lafair

Did you know that 56% of adults in the United States living in poverty are women? Women can become leaders in their own lives in order to transform their lives and change these statistics.

Become A Financial Grownup
By Amanda Steinberg

Have you ever based your financial decisions on the idea that you should be able to buy what you want? So did Amanda Steinberg until she realized that what she could afford was quite different then what she should be spending her money on.

Navigating Your Relationship and A Business

Starting a business can be extremely stressful – even more so if your partner is stressing about money and the logistics of it all. We have tips to help you successfully navigate your relationship while jump starting your business.

Making Effective Business Decisions
By Shirley M. Mueller

Most people think that emotions hinder rather than help business decisions. Now evidence supports just the opposite – that women’s tendency to make business decisions from a different place than men makes them successful.

How I healed Myself
By Bernadette Greene

Anyone that has struggled to maintain a normal life in the face of a debilitating illness knows what a monumental challenge it can be. Bernadette Greene was able to take her diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease and make a treatment plan that worked for her.

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