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October 24, 2010

Beyond Words Group, Inc.

Lin Morel & the Beyond Words Group, Inc.
Issue No. 3

Dear Jacki,
Teatime for the Soul
Join me this Saturday, October 23rd in Marina del Rey, CA as we celebrate life and open to the gifts of our Soul’s direction.  It’s a time to renew, refresh, and re-connect with our deepest truths. 10:00 – noon, PST.
Click Here to learn more

Featured Article
Running on Empty?
Does that describe you?  It describes almost everyone I’ve spoken with this month. From an energetic perspective, the field
is shifting rapidly. 
Holding on to the past is one sure fired way to keep our energy low.  Fear of change and the loss of control are two of the things that keep us off our game.  Add the need for approval (a human condition) and you’re sure to run out of gas.
Life is shifting moment by moment, breath by breath. Things we take for granted are no longer guaranteed.
What to do?  Now, more than ever, it’s time to clean house, literally and figuratively.  My good friend, Dr. Janet Knox, says, "You’ve got to do ‘In the meantimes’ while you are waiting
for your next step to appear."  This is more important than ever.
Waiting, while not comfortable, is what’s called for now.
This is an active waiting. Just as we wait while the gas pump refuels our car, we must participate by getting to the pump.
That’s where in the meantime comes in.  Faith, or faithing, is the application of intentional movement toward our goal. 
1.  Cleaning your closets. Make room for the new.
2.  Clean out old beliefs that no longer serve you.  Awareness is power!
3. Be gentle with yourself.  You don’t beat the car when it runs out of gas, you find a station to refuel.  When you’re running on empty, it’s not the time to beat yourself up.
4.  Recognize and release things that don’t work.  Stop tolerating and start enjoying life as it is.  Surround yourself with positive, insightful people who can help you make the shift.
5.  If you’re really stuck, find a mentor who can help you move forward. Rather than condemn your situation, invest in yourself and grow from it.  "What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger."
Above all, love yourself, love your situation, and love that you are alive. It beats the alternative.

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Running on Empty…?

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There’s a new website called
There’s some great content and a movie called the Worth of a Woman that has now been viewed  by 700,000 folks in over 200 countries.  Check it out! I’m one of the advisory members and contributing blogger.

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What’s New:
Lin is available for 20 minute sessions. Need a tune-up?  Call Lin and mention you saw this note.  Stay tuned for Teatime for the Soul online and Lin’s Magic Moments… 
Lin Morel is a kick-ass fifth degree black belt Renaissance woman who helps people wake up, shape up and show up in their own lives.  She has masters degrees in Applied Psychology andTheology and a Doctorate in Spiritual Science.
Her clients come from all walks of life and share one thing in common: The desire to live full out and share their brilliance with the world.
Jump Start Your Life Intensives
Breakthrough 2 Brilliance Mentoring Program
Individual Sessions and Spiritual Consulting
Business Assessments for the State of your Business, etc.
To your Brilliance,
Lin Morel
CEO the Beyond Words Group, Inc.

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