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February 1, 2011


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Verbal Abuse: It Can Be Insidious

On the HealthyPlace Support Forums, one of our adult members, taebofreak, shares his experiences being a victim of verbal abuse.

"My father has his own ideas about me and voices them pretty often. He assumes the worst about me and thinks I am an idiot. All he does is criticize me and drag me down when I make any progress." (Full text of taebofreak "Verbally Abusive Father" post.)

It’s easy to recognize that for what it is: verbal abuse. HealthyPlace verbal abuse blogger, Kellie Holly, provides a different twist. Her soon-to-be ex-husband wasn’t into name-calling. His tactics revolved around trying to make her feel inadequate and dimwitted. He would tell her to do one thing, she’d do it, and the next week he’d say "I never said that." Then, he’d chastise her for it.

The point is – both are forms of verbal abuse. The second example though may be more difficult to recognize. But the one thing all verbal, emotional, psychological abusers have in common is that everything is your fault and in the end, you begin to believe it too.

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"The High Cost of Mental Illness" on HealthyPlace TV

Between 1985 and 1995, says Mark, "I lost just about all that was dear to me—friends, family, business, home, and possessions—and for the next six years I plumbed the depths of experience and my own psyche, living on the mean streets of San Francisco as a homeless junkie. It damn near killed me."  That’s the high price he paid for being misdiagnosed with depression when he had bipolar disorder – on this week’s HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show. (TV Show blog)

Coming in February on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show
  • Who Needs ADHD Coaching?
  • Exercise Addiction
  • Difficult Issues Facing Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

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How to Stop Verbal and Emotional Abuse

Are you in a verbally, emotionally abusive relationship? Shelly and Dr. Michael Marshall, co-authors of the book "Respect-Me Rules," say you can empower yourself and stop the abuse. That’s on this week’s HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show.

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Teaching Your Closed Minded Child To Be More Open Minded

Here’s an email sent to The Parenting Coach, Dr. Steven Richfield:

"Any advice on how to get through to two closed minded teenagers? My husband and I feel like our words can’t get through."

Are you in a similar situation? Here’s Dr. Richfield’s insight and advice on how to help your child be more open minded.

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