We could really go on about this one.  I have spent the last year doing so much of hunting and gathering of internet products, information, programs, guidance, phone-seminars, webinars, conference calls, I think you all get that picture.  I haven’t spent to much I think compared to some of the stories I’ve heard and read.  I’ve spent enough and even have a couple things I really don’t need yet the bulk of things I’ve gotten will be well worth their price now and down the road.

I was reading one article today about making that New Year Resolution list that really was the best one I’ve read so far.  It was about two people who have known each other a while.  One looked up to the other as a mentor and advisor.  The one who thought lesser of himself asked the wiser man what he does for his new year resolution and promises for the coming year.  The wiser man told his friend to go home and write two new year resolution list.  One with the things you WANT to do in the next year and the second of things you CAN do in the coming year.

The man went home and started on the list of wants first.  It seemed quite the task at first but after an hour he had produced a whole page of things that he wanted to accomplish in his life to be the person he always wanted to become.  He then set task to the list of things that he could perhaps do without having to change much of his life as it is right now.  A much smaller list and much more doable for sure.

The next day when he met up with his wiser friend they sat down and he proudly pulled out the two papers he had finished.  “Ay, Yes, I see you have your new years resolutions completed already” said the man.  “Ok, show me first the things that you COULD do this year” 

The man set his second list into the hand of this man and to his alarm watched in disbelief as without so much as a glance at the paper, he tore it into little pieces and dropped them into the garbage can next to them.  This man then said, “now, please, let me see the list of the things you WANT to do this year” as he stretched out both hands to receive it. 

The man carefully, while containing the stirring of anger inside at the total disregard for the work he had done, handed the first list over to the turned up hands of his mentor, who without so much as a glance down crumbled the list, as he had with the other, then dropped it into the garbage.

The man could no longer contain his anger and was about to express this when this mentor began to speak.  “Now that you have all these things that were cluttering up your thoughts out of the way you can do the one thing that will bring you the most in a years time.” 

He paused a moment then said “Love”



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January 2, 2009

WAy cool!  I’ll be adding this to the site I visit each day blogging.  Happy New Years 2009 to everyone and wishes for a great year to come. Lady J