Duffys Closet opens with TTidd-ENTER-prize.

Duffys Closet is a collaborate of artisans
who still strive to sell their hand made products
in a little store
and now on the internet.

We’ve worked all our lives,
raised our children to be fine
productive members of society.
Now we can relax and just work
at what we love to do.

For us it is a wonderful time in our lives.
Yet!As we watch our children
in their thirties (already?)
starting their own families,
it’s with mixed feelings.

Waiting for the pay backs and
also wondering what the world
holds for our grand children in this world
where both parents HAVE to work
to make ends meet.


As mothers who some of us got to stay home
and raise them. Some of us worked the corporate
world. It is hard for both kind to watch this.
We see no end in sight for them.
So as all good artisans we created something
that they will be able to take over in turn
once we have it to an equal point
with what they are making now.

We are going to be simple

and honest with you.
We are going to do
the leg work with
the internet because
we are on the computers
all day long network our
Duffys Closet online store.

Which I’m sure of few of your
children feel is a waste of time.
We know it is the future
of almost all commerce.

TTidd ENTER prize will be the first landing

spot for the first business for my oldest daughter.

I hope you can remember that
we are not just another site
with only one thing for you to do.

We are a collarborate of determined mothers
who would offer you a cup of coffee
and a chair if you were to walk in.

Lady J talks @

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